Regions actively involved in the fight against coronavirus

In the Krasnodar region March 26, prohibited entertainment, cultural, sporting and other events. Closed cinemas and night clubs. Local authorities recommended to stop full-time classes in schools, clubs and sections. Citizens over 65 years are strongly recommended to follow a policy of isolation in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus COVID-19.

March 28, in the region of the closed restaurants, cafes, bars and shopping and entertainment centres, TV channel “Russia 24”. Hotels ordered to suspend all rooms and reservations. In addition, restrictions will apply and all forms of public transport. The corresponding decree was signed by the Governor of the region Veniamin Kondratiev.

Earlier, the head of St. Petersburg signed a decree forbade the admission of visitors in restaurants, and visits to churches and parks to output the upcoming week. Also, the city closed museums, concert halls, theatres and cinemas. Not fitness centres and other sports facilities and children’s camps — do not take a rest.

Similar measures are being adopted in Sevastopol. Also the city authorities do not recommend tourists to visit it soon.