In the Victory Day Regarde congratulated veterans of the great Patriotic war of the legendary division named after Dzerzhinsky. Glorious Union – the card of national guard troops of Russia and one of the symbols of the great Victory. June 24, 1945, the historic Victory Parade of a hundred veterans to Dzerzhinsky in the composition of the free battalion, commanded by senior Lieutenant Dmitry Vovk, was granted honorary right to throw the banners of defeated Nazi parts for the foot of the Mausoleum.

Under the patronage of asguardian is 449 veterans of the great Patriotic war. This year in all departments – from Sakhalin to Kaliningrad – hosts Patriotic campaign “Parade from house Veteran” dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory.

it took Place in the suburbs. May 9, in Balashikha, the houses, where the veterans came from the command of military units, connections and actors of ensemble of a song and dance division. In front of the Windows heroes of the occasion the soloists in forage caps and tunics sang songs of the war years. Officers gave the veterans presents from command of the division and Regardie and greeting cards with congratulations of the commander of the national guard of the Russian army General Viktor Zolotov.

among the veterans Lieutenant Colonel in the resignation of Peter R. Eliseev, Nikolay Stepanovich Evteev, Adolph S. Elagin, Adolf Mikhailovich Chumakov, a retired major Vasily Chernyshev, Vitaly Ivanov, a former master Sergeant Anatoly there are the frog pads. They all fought on the fronts, fought against banditry in the Caucasus and Moldova, participated in the liquidation of the nationalist underground in Latvia and Ukraine.

during the great Patriotic war the division named after F. E. Dzerzhinsky was part of the troops of the Western front, and parts of it participated in the battles against the Nazi invaders at Moscow and Knowim. 20 Oct 1941 in Moscow was a state of siege. Carrying out a decree of the state Committee of defence, dated 19 October 1941 the division soldiers carried a patrol in nine districts of the city. Until 1 April 1945, they arrested 458 spies and saboteurs.

Soldiers of the compounds were building defensive positions on the approaches to Moscow. Soldiers of the Dzerzhinsky participated in the famous historical military parade on 7 November 1941, where troops went to the front.

the Gunners of the division were involved in the fighting. In 1943-1944 they fought on the Western and Volkhov fronts, and for his actions during the liberation of the city of Novgorod regiment was awarded the honorary title of “Novgorod”.

During the war the division was prepared 1065 snipers who destroyed 11720 Nazis. Under escort of the soldiers of Dzerzhinsky, as well as licnogon other parts of the NKVD, in the summer of 1944 on the streets of Moscow were transported 57 thousand prisoners of the Nazis, who surrendered in Belarus.

June 16, 1944, the Union was awarded the order of red banner. In the same year, soldiers of the division had the honor to participate in the protection of the Yalta conference of the allied powers – USSR, USA, UK.