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In the flyktningleiren-Tale lives right under 20,000 people. It was intended for 3,000. On the hill above the camp establishes thousands of newly arrived refugees, it is estimated to be 12.000 of them now. They have no access to electricity. Just about the whole day to stand in line to be given food. Water is in short supply, there are mostly only in bottles. It is not easy to wash hands frequently when.

Both in and outside the camp there are reports of a lack of smitteverntiltak. There is a lack of soap and antibacterial agents, there are a few masks or gloves.

There is no one who comes into or out of Moria-the camp without special permission. The afghan refugees Shafiullah beautiful site for his staying there, and has filmed søppelbergene that is piling up and the long queues outside the doctor’s office for NRK Urix.

The sanitary conditions are unsustainable. Toilets are full and there is mud everywhere when it rains.

Refugees and migrants living kummerlig under tarpaulins on the Greek island of Lesvos. It is very difficult for them to keep distance and avoid contamination, and the fear of koronaviruset is great.

Photo: Knut Bry / Tinagent Hjelpearbeiderne go home

Knut Bry has worked as a volunteer among the refugees on the island of Lesvos since 2016. For one and a half week since he did that most of the foreign aid workers among the refugees, he traveled to the country of origin. Then he had been a half a year on the island. From his quarantine at home in Hovet, Hallingdal, he is demanding that the Norwegian authorities take action.

– Now Norway should use the aircraft that is set on the ground and fly to Greece with them, fill them up with unaccompanied minors and families with children and put them in an asylum in Norway, rumbles, and continues:

– I am ashamed to be Norwegian when I see how little we do. It is disrespectful to those who are weakest. It is completely disaster if koronapandemien breaks out among the refugees. Can the Norwegian authorities just sit to see that it happens?

A desperate flyktninggutt on Lesbos in Greece.

Photo: Knut Bry / Tinagent

Søppelberget grows. The sanitary conditions are highly inadequate both in and outside the Moria camp.

Photo: Knut Bry / Tinagent

It is little space, miserable conditions, and not easy to keep distance for the refugees on the island of Lesbos.

Photo: Knut Bry / Tinagent

the Facilities are minimal, only a few have access to running water. Hygiene measures when cooking and otherwise is therefore limited to the water from the bottles can be used to.

Photo: Knut Bry / Tinagent

Around 20 000 refugees are warehoused in Moria-the camp that was meant for 3,000 people. Now they fear what will happen if koronaviruset breaks out here.

Photo: Knut Bry / Tinagent

People do the best they can to keep warm and keep your spirits up, despite smittefrykt and deplorable conditions.

Photo: Knut Bry / Tinagent the EU-demands for evacuation

Also EU politicians are now demanding that the EUROPEAN union evacuates 42.000 people from the Greek flyktningleirene.

– If the EUROPEAN union does not act immediately, the situation on the Greek islands be unenforceable, and you run the risk of many deaths. This is a crisis that requires the correct response, write the Spanish EU lawmaker Juan Fernando López Aguilar in a letter featured in The Guardian.

the Norwegian authorities are concerned about the situation. State secretary Hilde Barstad in the ministry of Justice and public security says that she has great understanding that many are engaging in the situation where.

– It is essential to build up asylsystemet and capacity in Greece, so that it becomes robust enough to handle asylum seekers in a fair and efficient manner. Norway has long provided significant assistance to such management. The next few years, Norway will contribute with 33 million Euros to this work, particularly targeting vulnerable groups, including unaccompanied minor asylum seekers.

She also explains that it would have been difficult to move the asylum seekers to Norway right now. But Barstad says it is something that must be considered when koronasituasjonen has stabilized.

May be too late

Knut Bry cries on the refugees ‘ behalf. These measures have not worked before koronakrisen, and new contributions will come too late to save these people from koronasmitte in the crowded camps.

Knut Bry (with caps) among the friends of the Lesvos

Photo: private

– It is unfathomable that nothing is being done, ” he says. He has baptized about Norway to “Egoland”.

– But is it not understandable that the Norwegian authorities have enough with their own challenges right now?

– We must be able to see out of our own challenges, ” says Knut Bry, who believes it is now it must be evacuated. Not when people are dead.

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