Because a Ukrainian family was on vacation in Egypt at the beginning of the war, the district of Karlsruhe denied them temporary protection status. This means that the family who fled to Germany are not entitled to any social benefits. The process has caused criticism nationwide. The refugee council speaks of a “regulatory loophole”.

A Ukrainian refugee family is denied temporary protection status in the Karlsruhe district because they were on vacation in Egypt during the Russian attack on their homeland – and therefore traveled from a third country outside the EU.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Baden-Württemberg Refugee Council criticized the immigration authorities in the Karlsruhe district for refusing the family any social benefits because they happened to be on vacation in Egypt at the time of the Russian invasion. The family from the city of Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine must now apply for asylum – although those responsible for politics at the federal and state levels have asserted that people from Ukraine do not have to apply for asylum in Germany.

“Obviously, this family has fallen into a loophole that politicians must fill as quickly as possible,” criticized Seán McGinley, Executive Director of the Refugee Council war breaks out in your home country?” Political leaders at state and federal level must quickly make it clear that the temporary protection applies to everyone who was resident in Ukraine at the time of the Russian invasion – even if they were temporarily out of the country.

The responsible district office announced: “Due to entry from a third country outside the EU, the family is not subject to the special rules that apply to refugees from Ukraine.” Therefore, the country can neither pay out benefits nor issue a work permit.

The office conceded that it was understandable that this decision was viewed as “not very appropriate”. However, the family is supported in finding a solution within the framework of the legal possibilities in which they do not have to apply for asylum. The question of whether people can be regarded as war refugees from Ukraine despite entering from a third country outside the EU is still being examined at the level of the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

The so-called EU mass influx directive has actually offered Ukrainian refugees quick access to various areas of life in the host country since the beginning of March. They receive immediate benefits such as basic medical care or social benefits without a lengthy asylum procedure.

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