October 31 is Reformation Day and an official holiday in nine federal states with a predominantly Protestant population. On such days all supermarkets and shops are closed. We’ll show you where the shops are open despite the holiday.

Reformation Day on October 31 is a public holiday in these nine federal states:

As a result, customers in these countries cannot go shopping in normal supermarkets and shops on Monday. However, there are exceptions in some big cities, for example at train stations, gas stations and pharmacies. Some shops in airports also have partially adjusted opening hours.

You can also do your shopping on Reformation Day in the following cities and markets:

The Protestant Church commemorates the Reformation on October 31: In 1517, on the day before All Saints’ Day, the Augustinian monk Martin Luther (1483-1546) nailed his 95 theses to the Castle Church in Wittenberg, thereby criticizing the Catholic Church’s practice of indulgences at the time. Luther wanted to “reform” the church and shape it more according to the gospel. The posting of the theses was the trigger for the emergence of the evangelical church.