And all this thanks to the introduction in the farms of lean and participation in the national project “Productivity and support employment.” The result of these efforts, as we see, very clear to everyone – in the wallet visible.

One of the goals of this national project is to ensure the growth of labor productivity by 5 percent per year in the manufacturing industry, agriculture, construction, transport. The implementation of the national project “Productivity and employment” began in late 2018. And already there are results.

the Correspondents of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” visited the farms that were able to increase their production and profits without a large financial investment and the increase in the number of employees.

“All the local experts said that we reached the maximum performance at the farm and higher jump is impossible, – told “RG” Deputy Director of the Kuban company “Friendship” Sergey Mirenkov. But we do not believe.” And invited as consultants specialists from the Federal centre of competence (ftsk), which is one of the operators of the national project for labour productivity.

And together found the same reserves. It was found, for example, that a more reasonable expenditure of time, the operator manages to use two of the milking machine, but three. It is possible to reduce the milking time from three hours to two, resulting in employees have a 15-minute break in the work, which they have long asked for.

Simultaneously, the company has completely changed the system of remuneration of the operators of the milking plant, raising it to 20 percent and adding bonus, incentive for quality and tidy work.

“as a result of the introduction of new standards has achieved compliance with clear rules in milking herds, – continues the conversation Sergey Mirenkov. Cows were less likely to get sick with mastitis. This has resulted in the increase of milk 1.5-2 litres per cow per day. And from the herd to 800 head is already 1.6 tons a day!” In the end, for every liter, the company received an additional 28 rubles of gross revenue is 672 thousand a month.

But the most important in this story, according to the company, the costs incurred by the company for carrying out all improvements. They never amounted to almost nothing, except the cost of new trucks for the operators of the milking plant. And it turned out to be a shining example of how optimization can significantly improve the performance of the company.

Volgograd farm “don” is also involved in the national project “Productivity and support employment.” Here it was possible to increase milk production by 10 percent.

“lean production System provides that for an hour, to do something that stupid before spending two hours. All processes have led�� in order. Now the operator of machine milking in 20 seconds of time to do something that was previously occupied by the minute”, says the General Director of economy Alexander Kolesnichenko. Growth of productivity and gross domestic product affects the workers. According to Kolesnichenko, they annually increase salaries by 10-12 percent.

the Farm itself provides feed themselves. Created and developed its system of irrigation, which is very important in arid South. And plans to produce 32 thousand tons of milk per year. Today, about 16.5 thousand tons.

the Company “Belgorod dairy farms” was one of the first companies in the region, where they arrived the experts of the Federal centre of excellence. Modern dairy production, did not seem to need advice: so clearly here all debugged processes. However cooperation with ftsk brought the company huge benefits.

What has changed in work of a dairy farm? Experts have proposed to rebuild the process of milking cows: they left a certain number of goals in the sections, changed the order of milking and created standard work for operators. It turned out that some functions of these staff need to share with others. I tried the process went quickly and efficiently and for all farm workers.

as a result, when considered the benefits, it turned out that now one cycle of milking out 13 percent less time than before. The throughput of the milking parlor increased by 115 heads, and milk production – per tonne per day. Decreased and the cost of each kilogram, however, this figure, for obvious reasons, was not disclosed.

Now experts to improve the productivity of work and other dairy production of the region, noting that the owners and managers of the farms themselves initiate as the audit and changes in the production process.

And the reason is simple: every dairy farm is committed not only to increase the volume and quality of milk and to decrease its cost. A considerable part of them has its own processing capacity: produces butter, yogurt, kefir and sour cream. Although the production line does not allow you to make mass adjustments to the process, the management of dairy companies looking for other ways to reduce the cost of production of dairy products.

right now the experts of the competence Center help to do this and promise to share the results. Work have work and on farms. As reported by “RG” in the National Union of milk producers, in small livestock farms in the country yields are still very low, so we see here significant potential to improve production efficiency.