This week was from my home to a WG. The new roommate Victor, who was born in Bavaria, moved in. And although Victor is a four-legged friend, I led the last few weeks with some Girlfriends so intense discussions, as it was a matter of the future living with a human roommate. “You’re going to enjoy it the most, in bed together waking up,” predicted a Hundemami with radiant eyes. I’m not going to I answered. Because I have already imposed prior to the arrival of the new man in my life is a “bed – and-bathroom-ban”.

Since then, and this WG-rule is the number one issue for the animal lovers in my environment. Via SMS pictures of relaxed fur, nose and reached me on a daily basis in the midst of flowers of white sheets. Even scientific studies that women enjoy a better quality of sleep when the dog snores next to it, were leaked to me by E-Mail. So you need to feel fresh-baked mothers also, when it comes to where the infant spends the night.

Victor can’t read today’s newspaper, but for all the others, hereby officially and without justification: My dog comes to bed. And if change my mind, read it here soon.