Two sisters at the age of five and ten years, came this week when driving a bus in Schaffhausen in a ticket control.

The older had a subscription, the younger one drove without a ticket. His family, it was assumed that it takes only six years for a Bus Ticket. This control takes effect only when the child accompanied by a paying adult Person is on the way. As a “grown-up” applies to the age of twelve.

The over-zealous Schaffhausen controller issued the five-year-old girl about a hefty fine of 100 francs, and ordered the document of the five-year-old also “sign”.

How this case turns out, are in a database, black-and-driver 2600 children between six and twelve years – including 15 children between three and five. After the immense criticism of the news: buses are now null and void!

How would it be in order to allow children to free public TRANSPORT travel? The girls in London would have been on the road, had both allowed. Children up to ten will have to pay in the British capital, neither Bus nor Tram fare.