announced As the Federal office for housing (FOH) on Monday, remains in the mortgage reference interest rate at the level of 1.5 percent. This record-low value of the set is like in the summer of 2017.

Meanwhile, the average interest rate is based, volume-weighted interest rates in domestic mortgage loans of the banks in Switzerland, as of the reference date 31. March fell compared to the previous quarter to 1.43 percent from 1.45 percent. The average rate from the reference interest rate is determined.


In Switzerland, rose, the basis for rent design since the autumn of 2008 to a uniform mortgage reference rate. The can change in increments of a quarter of a percent. The phrase replaced the previously in the individual cantons, the relevant interest rate for variable rate mortgages.

Since its introduction, the reference rate has risen never. In 2008, he was still at 3.5 per cent, and then decreased gradually. Since June 2017, the rate is 1.5 percent. A Change of the currently applicable interest rate is indicated if the average rate drops to below 1.38 percent, or 1.62 percentage increases.

The mortgage reference interest rate, as well as the underlying average interest rate quarter of a given year is known by the BWO. The next publication deadline is the 2. September. (SDA)