The Swiss Vegans are still young vegetables. The day before yesterday, Friday, the Association Vegan society of Switzerland, celebrated its eighth birthday, and invited to the Feast.

But how to celebrate a vegan child’s birthday? The popular children’s games do not come in question well. To turn a blind cow in a circle, is animal cruelty. So, no more games – then only music plays just. But also because it gets problematic. The song “bake a cake” does not come without milk, eggs and Butter. Also there is no questioning of It comes “easy”. As the bear Baloo animated the little Mowgli to claw ants. He sings: “If something is appetizing, then take it to you, no matter where it came from.” The music falls away, too.

it Is not a hypoglycemic episode due to an Overdose of children’s milk chocolate, games and music anyway dull. Children’s birthdays are the earliest excesses in people. There, children are supposed to hit right on the Piñata. Otherwise, the baton ends up in the adult age in the butt.

but How the Association of the Vegan society in Switzerland has celebrated its eighth birthday now? As a measure against the Humorlosikgkeit the Association has been loaded by a comedian on his birthday.