In the air shows how little the climate of the demos on the floor so far have borne fruit: While the youth is struggling on the road for a better future, the hiss of so many Jets through the sky like never. And according to SRF this year will rise an equal number of Swiss in the plane, such as 2018, to spend Easter elsewhere.

A short Trip to London by Easyjet or a trip with Swiss to Lisbon? Since the climate is forgotten as quickly as the chocolate Easter Bunny is melting on the tongue. And who thinks now that the climate debate makes at least a bad Conscience before the check in, the could fly around the ears, that so far, only one percent of the flights will be compensated – with a few francs for the climate.
Almost less flight shame of the Zürcher SP-Regierungsrat Mario Fehr, whistles for soccer on the climate, and again and again for Matches abroad flies knows.

The climate of youth has to demonstrate reasons enough to continue. To get the a lot of flying Swiss is finally out of the air. Back to the bottom of the facts.