In your final statement Terre des hommes had to report this year, unexpectedly, a deep red hole. When the invoice is final in mid-March to a deficit of 14.5 million francs was kicked-a-days, with a Budget of 113 million Swiss francs, said spokeswoman Ivana Goretta at the request of the news Agency Keystone-SDA. You confirmed a message of “24 heures” and “Le Temps”.

they had budgeted only a deficit of seven million, and the reserves would have been enough. The shortfall of 7.5 million Swiss francs, it leads to an error in the calculation of the revenue.

As this is exactly what happened, will investigate the organization now. You can, however, guarantee that no embezzlement was occurring, and that all funds be in accordance with the been used.

Terre des homme is the largest children’s charity in Switzerland. It was founded in 1960 by Edmond Kaiser and its 2500 employees today in more than 45 countries. To meet the different requirements and the lender, had increased its staff in Lausanne in the last few years.

in 2016, worked 100 people at the headquarters, last year there were 230, said Goretta. Maybe they would have made the turn a little too fast, she admits.

As a consequence, the organization needs to tighten its belt to the now close and many employees disconnect. Approximately 60 Places in Lausanne, said Goretta. It is to be saved, especially at headquarters, to the auxiliary receiver spare.

First measures have you already taken: the foreign had been put travel on hold for now, the organization wants to sell a part of the premises and of the Directorate, certain areas would not be occupied again. The Directorate for development and cooperation (SDC) and the Canton of Vaud had been informed.