Employees "Mospeada" noticed in the natural Park of Moscow a couple of Lapwings, which are listed in the Red book of the capital. This was announced Friday in a press-service of the Moscow Department of nature management and environmental protection.

"On especially protected natural territory "wildlife sanctuary "Long ponds" employees "Mospeada" discovered a pair of Lapwings. For Moscow, this bird is quite rare, listed in the Red book of the city with nature protection status – category 1 rarity", – stated in the message.

Lapwings belong to family charadriidae. Largest bird the size of a pigeon. To know the lapwing can the crest on the head of a very long narrow feathers and a black beak and black and white plumage with a metallic sheen.

"to Know the lapwing can and voice alarm with a plaintive tone. It’s like he asks: "Whose are you? Whose are you?". Lapwings feed on invertebrates, mainly beetles and their larvae. Spend the winter in the Mediterranean basin, arriving in our region to nest in early spring" is added to the material.