At the disposal of “Kommersant” were the “road map” of building a system of separate collection of municipal waste, and disagreements over which Vice-Premier of Victoria Abramchenko had to shoot in manual mode. According to the document, in the Russian legislation appears the definition of secondary resources, and legal entities and citizens to be involved in their turnover, will receive tax incentives and benefits. The experiment on separate collection ready to join 24 of the region. Collecting as repeatedly noted by the participants of the market, lacked to build full-fledged processing industry. However, it is unclear what proportion and what the recyclables will be incinerated.With the plan of measures on separate collection of municipal solid waste (MSW) last Friday at a meeting with Vice-Premier of Victoria Abramchenko, responsible for environmental policy, was acquitted of all differences concerned departments. The document was prepared in January the Ministry of natural resources order of the President, and contains three blocks — the elimination of legal obstacles for establishment of a system of separate collection, economic incentives to citizens and companies engaged in separate collection and processing of MSW, as well as promotion of separate collection.So, for the first quarter of 2021 should see the draft amendments to the basic law on waste, which defines the legal framework for the treatment of recyclable materials, including the introduction of the concept of “secondary resources” and requirements for their treatment. To the same time should appear and the draft amendments to the Tax code about the tax incentives for collection and recycling of secondary resources. It is expected to exempt from income tax citizens who have received incomes from the sale VAT — operation with the “raw material”, from income tax — the income from its sales and property tax objects of processing and disposal.Discussed that the new building garbage disposal is not all, a place of separate collection should be included in the state register and become part of the Federal scheme of management of municipal solid wastes, in which in the third quarter of 2020 should see all the capacity for processing and recycling of secondary resources (see “Kommersant” on may 21). It also should get information about the suppliers and regional operators, volumes checked and sent for processing and disposal of recyclables and the amount of resources involved in secondary turnover.Although the potential processing of MSW generated is estimated at $1.5–2 billion, in 2016 the entire industry of waste management experts of the Higher school of economy was estimated at $1.4 billion As already wrote “Kommersant”, Victoria Abramchenko wants from the performers systemic vision of the sector, which should unite the program in part independent implementation of extended producer responsibility, the retailers and importers, the Federal circuit circulationtion for MSW and plans for the introduction of separate collection is that it “could be the first stage of implementation of the new mechanism extended producer responsibility”,— believe in the office of Deputy Prime Minister.Moscow in the list is still awaited, although the city authorities have declared their intention to conduct such an experiment in the city. It is not detected and the Moscow region, Leningrad region and Tatarstan, where the government together with its subsidiaries, the company “RT-invest” intend to build incinerators, the production of energy which is legally equivalent to recycling. To date, the Federal circuit has 148 companies on the incineration of MSW with a total capacity of 4.3 million tonnes a year (in Russia produces about 70 million tons of MSW per year).Although Deputy Prime Minister puts before executing the task to adjust the pricing in the sphere of MSW, rules for the treatment of commercial accounting and provision of utility rebates to help lower the payments of consumers in the separate waste collection in the regions where you will develop burning, because of extreme cost of that approach to implement it will not be easy, of course, if you do not shift all the costs on the budget or the industrial consumers of heat and electricity. Mechanisms of control by the citizens methods of disposal they have collected waste separately, while also not provided.Alexey Shapovalov