this consideration is dictated by all of the recruiting procedures, which this spring and summer as “squeeze” at the time. And talking of recruits with the military, officials and doctors will drive up the required minimum. Here is how, for example, is already doing in the police stations of Murmansk region. On Monday the first batch of recruits passed the test for the coronavirus. After a week, those in whom the result was negative, will cause the Assembly points to medical control. Then the young people will distribute command and send to the service. It is planned that military units they disperse, may 27.

To the guys not accumulate in the military, where they take a strictly specified in the agenda time. Turns out five or six people per hour and 30 per day. At the entrance each visitor reset old medical mask and gets new with the gloves. The recruit remotely measure the temperature and then allowed into the room. “Working in this mode will continue until the end of the call,” explained the press service of the Northern fleet. Roughly the same algorithm operates in police stations across the country.

In the garrisons, too, all ready for the young recruits. For example, in the units of the Central military district had prepared them for more than a hundred places of segregation. There is created a supply of protective medical masks and disinfectants. According to the chief of organizational and mobilization Department of the CVO Alexander Linkova, commanders, receiving recruits to their units, will be staying with them until the end of the two-week quarantine. In addition, all the young soldiers will take place at the place of service medical psychological examination. Every day they organize a three-time thermometry. To eat the new recruits will separate from the other soldiers, and food and disposable dishes they will bring.