For those who with excitement yesterday and waiting for the next chapter in the ‘Department Q’-saga, there is bad news.

It is unlikely that ‘the Marco Effect’ when to be finished before the planned premiere 1. October.

In the aftermath of the coronaudbruddet is shooting for the film was postponed from last Friday, says a press release from Nordisk Film Production:

“We have followed the announcements from the Danish and Czech authorities by the hour and took the decision to stop filming and return home,” says the movie producer Mikael Rieks, who continues:

“Early on Friday morning, we managed to get hold of a number of lejebiler, then we could put the exchange rate against Denmark. It was a necessary decision, which was not for discussion.”

‘the Marco Effect’ is the fifth film in the series based on Jussi Adler-Olsens books about commissioner Carl key areas and co.

It is also the first, as a Nordic Film Production is behind. So far Zentropa stood for a dramatization of the books.

The bump in the road, as coronaudbruddet obviously creates, however, has not taken the courage from the people involved, explains Henrik Zein, who is the director of Nordisk Film Production.

“the Entire crew has done a fantastic job, and we look forward to again being able to continue filming, when everyday life returns.”

the Director informs, moreover, that it is still too early to comment on the economic consequences of the postponement of the filming – and, thus, the premiere will have.

the Film has so far had a total budget of 7.4 million euros – equivalent to approximately 55 million.

Behind the production is in addition to Mikael Rieks also Peter Nadermann from Nadcon Film GmbH and ZDF as co-production down support from The Danish film institute in cooperation with Yousee and TV 2 Denmark.