Deaths from coronavirus in Moscow for June were down 35 percent compared with may. About it it is reported in the operational headquarters on control and monitoring of infection in your Telegram channel.

The excess total mortality in the capital in June 2020, compared with the average cornetu for June in the previous three years is 3687 cases. It is noted that the coronavirus as the primary or concomitant cause of death noted in 3408 cases (92 percent of all excess deaths in June). This is less than in may, 35 percent.

“From the coronavirus as the primary cause of death in June died in 1605 people (in may such cases were almost twice as much – 2757). These include cases when patients had a negative test, but the results of their studies showed that the cause of death likely was a coronavirus. Thus, for coronavirus took everything, even controversial cases. In June was not related to death from the ordinary pneumonia of any case”, — reads the statement of the operational headquarters.

The mortality rate in Moscow for the whole period of the epidemic is 2.3 per cent, if we consider only cases where the coronavirus was the main cause. If we consider all the cases where COVID acted as a primary or concomitant disease, the figure is 4.6 percent.

The number of victims in the first 12 days of July in 2 times lower than in the same period of last month, indicating that the mortality among the infected in Moscow, said Oberstar.

Earlier in June, Russia predicted the decline in deaths from coronavirus. Expert on statistics and modeling, Center for economic research Aghasi Tavadyan said that the strong decline in daily deaths of patients with confirmed coronavirus will occur in Moscow.

In may it was reported that Russia has moved to a new based on the principles of the world health organization (who) methodology for the calculation of deaths from the coronavirus. Now, consider the cases when the infection COVID-19 resulted in the complication of the underlying disease that caused the death of the patient. In this regard, the Federal statistics mortality occurred adjustments.