a house with A mortgage, a car on the installment plan, a TV, thanks to the credit: Anywhere you can borrow. Swiss do that too often, but not always, you can pay the debt back in time. The result is that in 2019, are over-indebted 561’000 people in Switzerland. This is a share of 6.5 percent of the population.

Even in 2016, there were 119’000 less over-Indebted. Thus, the over-Indebtedness has reached a new high. The comparison service Comparis writes in his media communication on the analysis. This arose in tandem with the economic Crif credit reporting Agency.

Appenzeller careful

very far over-Indebtedness is widely used in the Romandie. The leader of the cantons new castle and Geneva. There is more than one in Ten over-indebted. Better handle on your finances the inhabitants of Appenzell Innerrhoden and Uri. The debt ratio is only 1.6, respectively, 3 percent.

For Comparis-financial expert, Michael Kuhn is the high Indebtedness of the setting of many due to: “The thought I have today is many more important than the Tomorrow or the day after Tomorrow.” Debt is normal will make for more and more adults. All the same, Of debt, over-Indebtedness, only a minority of slide.

problems bad credit

part of the debtor’s quota will be in accordance with Comparis as a Private, when you had to log in once bankruptcy has been impounded, a certificate, or a driver sequel.

debt can have far-reaching consequences. Anyone who has a bad credit rating, is likely to get, for example, not a credit card. Also, the Option to “Pay on account” of many of the Online stores will be denied to buyers with poor credit. (jfr)