In July, after quarantine in the Russian regions began to open camps. To help parents to adequately raise their child in a health resort, the CPS released a recommendation list need to relax things. Many parents these guidelines, to put it mildly, shocked.

not every student will be in the cupboard 21 pair of underpants and socks, 5 pairs of swimming trunks and shorts and three razor in the bargain… and, all things offered by the Agency for the trip, hardly fit in one, even the biggest suitcase.

a List of recommended to visit a children’s camp things carefully divided into 5 categories: clothing, hygiene, shoes, documents. The introduction section was made to feel like irresponsible parents, most of the Russians, before sending children to camp with a modest suitcase.

In fact for a comfortable stay in the sanatorium the average student should: 7-8 t-shirts, plus t-shirts for the farewell wishes, 21 pair of socks and underwear, 5 bottoms (preferably bright colors) and shorts, 2 sweaters long sleeve and 2 warm, tracksuit, 2 pairs of jeans or trousers and a lot of little things, from the Panama, a few pajamas and

elegant clothes. The girls also separately suggest to grab a couple of skirts and dresses.

on top of a bottomless suitcase, a small tourist need to put two bath towels and two beach, and most importantly do not forget to pack in there with other hygiene three razor, God forbid, is not enough.

Special attention in the memo of the CPS is paid to the food that kids love to bring to camp. Parents are strongly encouraged to leave at home instant noodles, mushrooms, canned food, meat and fish products as well as cream cakes. Tea in the camp going, and not in the taiga.

of Course, not paid attention to Agency staff and the list of banned products, which give children in health institutions is not recommended. Among them erotic and pornographic products, extremist literature, clothing with aggressive and obscene graffiti, playing cards, pepper sprays, baseball bats, brass knuckles, nunchucks, laser pointers, explosives and toxic substances, and, of course, cigarettes and alcohol. In addition, this list included any medications.

Meanwhile, almost immediately after opening in the summer camps began to be recorded outbreak of coronavirus. So in children’s camp “Youth” in Kirov, according to Rospotrebnadzor, contracted COVID-19 of 35 children. And in a healthcare institution Ekaterinburg coronavirus discovered by staff in the children’s teams sent��len quarantined. The question to be useful to children on the isolation of all things, carefully collected by the parents on the list of departments.