Recommendations Mosgorspravka treatment COVID-19:

the Department of health developed an algorithm for treatment of patients at home for minor illness caused by a coronavirus COVID-19. In particular, the patients were advised to drink plenty of warm fluids and use of antipyretic and as a primary medication is prescribed paracetamol. Also recommended to use a combined preparation “Lopinavir + Ritonavir”.

the Course of treatment will be considered completed if the results of the two tests COVID-19 with a difference in two days will be negative, according to “Moscow 24”.

Previously, the Department of health of Moscow has allowed to be treated at home patients with coronavirus infection in the form of light, which is determined by the following criteria:

– body temperature should be below 38.5 degrees; free breathing;- breathing rate less than 30; the blood oxygen saturation more than 93%.

if one or several of the above signs do not match, the patient’s condition is assessed as severe, and it will be sent to hospital for treatment under medical supervision.

Even if the disease is mild, the patient should remember that it is as dangerous to others, so if with him living in fall-risk relatives (the elderly, pregnant women, those with chronic disease), it is still hospitalitynet.