Recognized pornography in Russia a series of

“Dau. Natasha” is one of 16 films mega-project — presented in its main competition. Formal hours-long series devoted to the Soviet physicist and Nobel laureate Lev Landau (he was played by Greek conductor Teodor Currentzis) and based on the memoirs of his wife Cora. In “Natasha” Landau no, so not privy to the details, the public can only fantasize on what it’s for DAU. Natasha is also one of the four paintings project, which the Ministry of culture refused to issue a distribution certificate because of pornography, then the authors sued. The film was shot on 35mm film, that at the present time a rarity. To the Berlin show it was a mistake, and next to the name Khrzhanovsky appeared the name of the co-Director and editor, Catherine Oertel. It’s one thing to show the film at the Paris performance, in a small room, and quite another — in the great festival Palace and Berlin cinema halls when there are no distractions and installations, creating a certain aura, and the only cinema in its purest form.

“Dhow” — a monument to the totalitarian era. In the first frame appears theatrical guru Anatoly Vasiliev in the role of the academician of Grains (in reality, Kapitza), head of the secret Institute, the scenery of which was built at the Kharkov stadium. In the cafeteria, which became the main Playground, a Grain having Breakfast with colleagues, eat butter. In the original Paris version, it also teaches employees catering correctly to lay the table, serve the butter with a little fork. Now, many passages are left, but the fleeting presence in the frame Vasilyev gives the events weight. For two hours the audience watching the life of the Soviet people, members of the secret of the Institute, scientists, barmaids, tasked with delicious food, quality service. Natasha serves not only lunch counter, but in the bed, leading her to the dungeons of the KGB.

In the so-called visa application centre in Paris, GDe you can buy tickets-visa “Dow”, has been installed wax figure of Vladimir Azhippo, who played the role in the movie employee of the state security Committee, recruiting Natasha who persuades her to cooperate with the KGB. He forced her to insert into the vagina of a brandy bottle is the peak of humiliation and violence. What is not written about this scene eyewitnesses to the Paris shows! It is overgrown with myths and probably the most frightening our cincinanti. But in Balabanov’s “Cargo 200,” the same episode was far more powerful, but then the questions arose. The time has changed.

Natasha is average and not very young Soviet woman who dreams about love, climbing for life — not the happiest. Half of the film the audience watches as she strives with his young colleague, drinking vodka with a beer, talking nonsense. The audience laughs at her drunken delirium. A special delight is the underwear of the main heroine, poor Soviet pattern bra 1950s with large buttons, which are not easy to get out. Once Natasha had sex with a drunken foreigner who came to work in the Institute (his role was played by a real European scholar), and got caught. Sex in a frame the real, no imitation, but an Amateur actress Natalia Berezhnaya had the courage to participate in a bold scene. At a press conference in Berlin, she praised the private actor does not hesitate in expressions, which are now impossible to quote. She admitted that in some moments felt fear so strong was the immersion in another era (recent events show that nothing has changed since then). The role of the KGB, who intimidates her, played the representative of the relevant authorities, Kharkov Vladimir Azhippo, who knew his business. To the Paris premiere he did not live — he died of a heart attack in 2017, as they say, during his visit to London for the “Dau”. In addition to acting of Aippa worked as the project consultant. Scenesand interrogation made the audience experience. In Berlin, still remember about the activities of the Stasi — the Ministry of security of the GDR, which filmed several strong German paintings. To the Berlin premiere did not survive and another hero of the “Dow” — is a media artist Alexei Blinov. Now his name as Vladimir Azhippo, in a mourning frame.

Work on the “Dow” lasted more than 10 years. The movie was shot, the operator Juergen Urges, has worked with Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Crazy and bright ideas Khrzhanovsky he got caught, like many other people involved in the picture. In the process, many participants so got used to what was happening on the court, that it changed their lives. Played a young barmaid Amateur actress Olga Shkabarnya married mathematician Dmitry Kaledin, who in Paris could witness in the Soviet apartment, built at the Centre Pompidou.

the day before the closing of the festival out of competition, also showed a six-hour film “Dau. Degeneration” with the participation of jailed Maxim Marcinkiewicz nicknamed Slasher. He was convicted of inciting ethnic hatred.

participates In the competition for the painting “the Days” genius of the Taiwanese Tsai Ming-Liang, removing extended beyond time movie, which is important for the meditative process. The main role, as always, played his favourite actor and the companion Whether Kansan. Events, as in “Dow”, occur in a confined space, often within the same room, and has special reference. Almost online young masseuse makes the main character a massage, and then Whether Kansan passes before our eyes the course of acupuncture in real time. Minlen able to create such powerful energy that the hero’s feelings at the physiological level are beginning to experience and the audience. But it’s aerobatics, the highest sensibility and sensitivity of the artist, which not everyone is given. The movie is also a sacrament which takes in the short-term attempts to fix the time. Eternity and a day — the inheritance of the great.