Recipe for success: home lifehack Koreans

Russia, like any country, is seeking the recipe for economic success. It is clear that you cannot take the experience of one country and just a blueprint to apply to another. But still some ideas should be considered. Take South Korea and its economic miracle. Columnist Maxim Kiselev went to Seoul and found out the main lifehack Koreans: need more work and less rest. What else surprised the Koreans correspondent for “News week”?

Accent, bringing the text nearly beyond recognition, the chords of the strings it knocks exactly with the original. The words of Viktor Tsoi here, if taken out of context the glittering lights of Seoul. Hearts of South Koreans today hardly demand change.

song Won-SEOP, probably the only representative music of Korea, whose fan club more Russian than Korean names. Hardly anyone else in here goes to tour Russia with songs that played stadiums in the ‘ 80s.

“the Songs of Tsoi unique words amazing. If I hear only sound without video, I never would have believed that he was Korean. Such a voice we don’t sing,” said song Won-SEOP.

Here voice is generally not the primary. One it for success is negligible. And certainly not enough to become “Eidolon” — from the English “idol”. “Idol” should be.

Introducing your face with makeup even in 15 years, with the surgeon’s knife — a little later, they hone motion lip-synch in the morning till night. They are not allowed scandals contraindicated and personal life. They are always on diet and lifestyle. The mighty corporate music bring them to star the top K-pop, demanding the renunciation.

K-pop — Korean popular music. The global phenomenon. The product seemed fit only for domestic consumption, has captured almost entire Internet planet, the third year in a row, punching the ceiling of the world music ratings.

They are popular to tears and trembling at the knees, as once we have “Tender may". And just to touch the idol — utopia. But not in Korea, where there is Avenue of stars. You need to put your hand to the palm of the favourites of the demi-God, and he will come to you in the form of a 3D model.

as If drawn with cartoonish Asian characters with perfect figures and faces, painted eyes they look at a new generation of Koreans with skyscrapers, of which, it seems, had made in Seoul.

At its 123rd floor is the fastest Elevator in the world takes off for a minute, having to scroll on the stands a new history of South Korea, which, according to this version, completes the tower. The miracle of the building of thought, multiplied by the money.

It was built more than 10 years. A major part of the 3.5 billion dollars spent has gone on execution of the decision of the authorities: to pay for changing the angle of the runway of the military airport that the tower does not interfere with the fighters landing.

Obrosova obstacles and customers, a robot glides from order to order pizza and salads. First meals and drinks do not trust — when braking can spill. Korea is the most robotic country on the planet. But interesting it is not only those devices that collect ships or cars, and those who serve in hotels, brewed coffee or bring order in a restaurant.

He’s not a waiter, of course, and the peddler. Orders still taking people. Point — in direction. Huge the IT efforts in Korea thrown on the production and consumption of food.

“the intensity of the led lamps, temperature, humidity, water level and oxygen saturation — all through a regulated network. For plants there are created the most comfortable conditions,” — said the technician smart farm E Chan.

Green field under the ground from October 2019 — the reality of South Korea. Five stations of the Moscow metro has joined in the battle for the consumer. There’s no sun, but no frost. There is no soil. But it’s even better. The beds of vegetables instead of horizontal tiers go upx, saving space. And the ideal conditions for the growth of almost twice reduce the time of ripening.

Seoul subway is now not only a means of transportation, but also a farm. Agriculture in South Korea gradually lowered into the ground. It is a very promising business. Without the influence of a very capricious local climate so it is possible to harvest 10 crops of vegetables a year.

the Famous belt the beauty of Asia. The Seoul district of Gangnam. A real pipeline to improve the appearance. Five hundred plastic surgery clinics located only in one of the streets. South Korea the Mecca for plastic. 300 thousand foreigners a year come just to fix the face or figure, and the young Korean parents operation are presented for the graduation day.

“We can a little bit to pump out fat — then lifted the lid. And your eyes will become a little bit more,” explained one of the doctors.

Eyes and chins — most importantly, what’s not to like Koreans almost from birth. 8 out of 10 young girls dream to make the first and the second narrow. In South Korea, the visit to the clinic of plastic surgery seems to have become so commonplace as a visit to the dentist. And Yu Ri under the knife fell to change the shape of the face and to tweak the nose. “I became much more confident after the surgery. We very much focus on appearance. There is no need to deny that in Korea, going into surgery, believing that with a beautiful face and slim figure it is easier to move up the career ladder,” admitted the girl.

But the local market is still not home. Revenues from medical tourism for 8 years increased by 16 times. The beauty of exported produce as smartphones, cars and refrigerators.

“70% of clients of our clinic are foreigners. Earlier went only from China, but now from all over the world. About a million people a year come to Korea to do plastic,” said Joon song BA, a plastic surgeon.

the level of doctors, but most importantly, in price. Operation correction of the nose in a Seoul clinic for the same quality is cheaper than in the States and Europe, at times. And ladies of the Middle East and Russia for lifting Korea to wind, as at the time the shuttles for the chocolate biscuits Choco Pie. One of the first Korean products that in the 90-ies came to the Russian market through the far East. Competitive advantage of the time — you could sell it by the piece.

a Tiny Studio YouTube channel in a condo on the outskirts of Seoul, a rare essential window for the part of the people that once were on the other side of the border. From there continue running to get through China and Thailand to realize that the North Korean education is not worth anything.

Their stories here for a long time not in the Top news. In South Korea, it seems, began to forget not only about the famine of the 60’s, but that the very existence of the country Chuchhe for them — a guarantee of patronage States and Japan. And even more that once here trod, Kim Il sung.

the Former residence of the eternal President of the DPRK turned to South Korea at the behest of demarcation. Three years it was North Korea, where the memory of southerners remained two floors, a bed, a table with radiogram and great views of the sea and the mountains.

From the roof of the residence in good weather it is visible as shining in the sun peaks of the Diamond mountains. There — North Korea. So from 1948 to 1951-y from here it is quite admire Kim Il sung, then it is not suggesting that looking at my country from the territory of a future abroad.

inherited from northerners to the South got a little island of Abai. Steps 200 to 200. Here from the war in 1951, took refuge, several families of Koreans from the North. He had drowned among the high-rise city, but still connected to it a water crossing.

the former North Korea on the water is 92 meters. But the journey time depends on the number of passengers on Board. The fact that the ferry since the Japanese are not motorized and bringing it in motion is included in the ticket price.

Bilater at the crossing And kyungsoo from the second generation of those immigrants. He was born here three years later after escaping his father. He told me as then took a bit of food, — were confident that will return soon.

“They didn’t want to go far from the border. Settled closer to their native places. Bags of rice – all that brought. And then began to catch squid here was a lot,” recalls one of the residents Abai. Recipe from mom helps her to not live in poverty. To try a traditional dish of the North of the island come even from the capital. And in the 50s, when the parents here did not work, wanted to return to her family. But until the end of life were able to see them only in photos.

For them, the South — already the birthplace For today’s fugitives to her it becomes not always. Trying a change of residence to cheat fate, they sometimes put in it the final point. 15% of refugees from North Korea commit suicide. But here it is not able to shock. 10 years South Korea does not give any of the developed countries in the first place by quantity of suicides per capita.

Tears stifled the words are pronounced with difficulty. Among the wooden coffins and candles they are dressed in funeral clothes, read their wills. The experience of death. A two-hour practical course for those who are too close to the edge. We believe that simulation of self-burial is able to “fix” the brain. And the last thoughts of suicide knock out blows of the hammers on the lids to get them there in the dark he heard them nailing down the coffins.

In South Korea only allowed cremation. In coffins for several years not buried, saving the earth. But here is the wooden box, even with ventilation, is a necessary attribute. Only after lying in the dark for a few minutes, you can get the experience of death to not wanting.

Last chance to stop the suicide bomber on the MAPO bridge, where the river jump seven out of ten. Going to die will meet the issues ofWH ICH are key for Korean, “have You eaten today?” Food is a sacred idea. The Koreans are the new generation seemed to want to get something that was sorely lacking previous, managing to sync it with incredible speed of his life, in which one the favorite expressions – “quickly”.

“Koreans are very fast. Parents who have experienced difficult years, told us: to live well, you need to work hard and to do everything quickly. To win the competition. It is now in our blood. We do everything fast and eat too”, — the locals say.

the Legendary Seoul market Kangan. Eat here on the go and pastrevys on the benches, taking turns at the tables of the national Korean fast food. Tortilla from meat and beans is, it seems, tons per day. A Grand in a few seconds. And faster than this dish, there is little to prepare.

In Korea, a cult of street fast food. It is extremely popular because it does not slow down the frantic pace of life. Order to consumer product seconds pass. Half an hour for a snack and back to storm’s economic summit. To get them, making sacrifices for the national idea, but changing poverty to prosperity, it seems, changed the nation itself.

Text: “News of the week”