Basics of IT

Almost everyone today has to interact with devices and systems that work with some form of Information technology thus having basic knowledge in IT has become a necessity. Having basic comprehension in installing software, following best practice methods for securing your device, and utilizing features of the operating system to troubleshoot and configure settings is essential for a long term and productive usage of IT devices. With jobs getting more data-centered and automated systems replacing old manual systems having a qualification that showcase your IT skills is a key asset for your profile. The best way to gain the required skills and become competitive in the IT market is to become certified. An IT certification is an essential mark on your CV that makes you visible to your potential employers.

This article is dedicated to SY0-501 exam and ITF+ badge, and, here, you’ll know how this assessment will help you launch a successful career in IT. Still, first, let’s move to CompTIA and find out what this organization is all about.

CompTIA as a vendor

CompTIA is a non-profit association offering vendor-neutral IT certifications. It is considered as one of the pioneers in the training and certification field and is the proud owner of some of the world’s top most popular credentials. The badges it offers fall into 4 main categories, called Core, Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, and Additional Professional. Some of its popular certifications include ITF+, Security+, Cloud+, CASP+, Project+, etc.

Since this post is about ITF+ badge, let’s focus on it.

About CompTIA ITF+ certification

The CompTIA ITF+ (IT Fundamentals) certification falls under the Core category which is dedicated to validating essential skills in Information Technology. This credential has been designed by CompTIA to target a mass crowd so that anyone considering an IT career would benefit from this qualification. This badge is a perfect one for you if you wish to try whether IT sphere suits you to launch a career there or you a career-changer and have set the goal to gain a new profession in IT. To earn ITF+ certification you need to pass only one exam – FC0-U51 by code.

Before we mote to its details, let’s see the benefits of getting the ITF+ badge.

Why earn the ITF+?

Below is a compilation of some reasons as to why you too should join the community of CompTIA ITF+ certification holders to better aid your professional career and lifestyle.

FC0-U51 exam overview

To obtain the ITF+ you need to take FC0-U51 exam, which will cost you $119. As this is an entry-level certification CompTIA does not require you to fulfill any prerequisites to be eligible to sit for FC0-U51 exam.

This test mainly focuses on assessing basic knowledge in the next spheres:

As for its details, this exam is a 60-minutes test consisting of maximum of 75 multiple-choice questions. It measures the candidate’s knowledge in the following domains:

To pass the test you have to score minimum of 650 points. And to before sitting for the test, you need to register via the Pearson VUE website.

To obtain a more detailed analysis of the exam you could refer to the CompTIA official website.Now the FC0-U51 test is in the process of retiring and is going to be replaced by FC0-U61 exam.

Exam Dumps: Yes or No?

FC0-U51 isn’t a difficult exam to pass especially because the content is foundational knowledge and doesn’t have too much depth. Also, there is a lot of skepticism about using exam dumps for practicing but the following details could help you clear out the dark clouds.

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Foundational knowledge in IT is beneficial for everyone regardless of their professional background. Nowadays there is an opportunity to test the waters of IT by studying a basic course by CompTIA and getting the ITF+ certificate, since it is an association that has received a lot of recognition for its outstanding training programs and credentials. And the ITF+ badge is great for someone keen on pursuing a career in IT.

By using some of the excellent resources and web platforms to aid your preparation you could gain a better experience with higher productivity.

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