Realtors appreciated how in the near future may increase housing prices

“While we do not expect global growth of prices. Possible short-term surge triggered by the growth rate, but that is too early to speak” – says a leading analyst group of companies “MIEL” Catherine Berezhnova. The end of 2019 were very favorable for the purchase of real estate, and many realized their need, the expert said. Now we can expect that the people who approved the mortgage, or those who planned to make it in the next one or two months, some hurry, as the weakening of the ruble could trigger a reversal of the refinancing rate and, consequently, increase interest rates on housing loans (for example, the CEO of the HOUSE.Vitaly Mutko suggested that mortgage rates in the increase in Central Bank key rate may rise by 1-2 percentage points).

Photo: Kirill Kuhmar/TASS the Central Bank forecasts growth of housing prices by reducing mortgage rates

In that part of the population which prefers to keep savings in dollars and euros, savings, now grown, and people are thinking about buying real estate how to invest their savings. However, it took only a few days after the jump in exchange rates, and savers are still waiting, suddenly the dollar and the Euro will rise further, which will allow them more profitable to buy an apartment. “But for contribution to the real size savings should be relevant, you also need the ability to navigate the market in the short term, but it is not inherent in all” – said Berezhnova. The company noted that market activity has increased significantly “object” calls (when people interested in a specific property) was 19% more than in January. “But how these calls are implemented in the transaction, we will see after 1,5-3 months”, – said the expert.

In the company “INKOM-real Estate” has not yet noticed weighthowl of enhancing customer wanting to invest in housing with their savings. Meanwhile, it would after one or two months, when demand runs out, lead to lower prices. “Moreover, the lockup market may last for several months and sometimes a whole year”, – said the Director of the Department of the secondary market “INKOM-real Estate” Sergey Shloma. In his opinion, is not expected significant price increases. “Low oil prices are no prerequisites to the appreciation of property,” – said the expert.

Photo: iStock Most affordable mortgage appeared on the Yamal Peninsula, in Yugra and Magadan oblast.

Not changed while the price of housing and developers. “The players of the Moscow market of real estate will have to wait at least the end of this week to observe the moods of your customers. If suddenly the market will have a boom, similar to what we saw at the end of 2014, the price increase is quite possible, however, it is unlikely that he will exceed 10%,” – said the Deputy Director of Department of new buildings “INKOM-real Estate” Valery Kochetkov.

the Crisis may affect the property situation, only if will last a significant time, the Director of Department of consulting and Analytics Knight Frank Olga Shirokova. “Real estate markets are inert, and short-term shocks are not reflected,” she notes. The demand for expensive apartments in the short term will continue. “The real estate market, on the contrary, became more accessible for buyers, as many are interested in this segment, as a rule, keep their savings in foreign currency. Price changes are observed, but are associated primarily with the introduction of new interesting objects or with the purchase of the most liquid of lots”, – said Shirokov.