the Most difficult situation, according to market participants, was in April. The number of applications clients that wish to sell an apartment fell by more than 40 percent. compared to March, says the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the network “MIEL” Marina Tolstik. In may, the number of cases increased to 84 percent. from March. Up to 85 percent. increased the number of owners who want to rent housing to rent. The demand is not so confident, says Toustsik. Applications for purchase of apartments in may, is still 2.5 times less than in March. By the end of June the company expects a recovery in demand up to 80 percent. from June last year.

In the period of self-isolation, the number of applications fell by 70 percent and secondary and in the primary market, noted the Agency “Azbuka Zhilya”. “The main difficulty was in the final stage of the transaction, as it is not working state institutions, as well as the show apartments. While the secondary market is not ready to go online,” says CEO Dmitry Kosmin.

the easiest survived the crisis the segment of new buildings, the managing partner of the company “Metrium” Maria Litinetskaya. Here a considerable share of sales falls on construction sites, so the personal presence of customers is not always necessary. But in this segment in April the number of transactions fell by 50-70 percent. compared to April last year. In may, the situation has improved, but the drop was 25-40 percent. by may of last year.

the Number of transactions for the sale of second homes in may was four times less than in March, the number of insertion advances – eight times, said the Director of the Department of the secondary market “Inkom-real Estate” Michael Kulikov. “To pre-crisis levels of demand, the secondary market will return only by the end of autumn or even the beginning of the new year,” he said.

Large real estate Agency continue to work, they have a certain margin of safety, says Kulikov: “But on the small and medium agencies and real estate agents, traders forecast a hard – to 50 percent of them this year and they will stop their activities or even ceased”. Under attack are small firms, which in normal times had only had one or two deals a month, and now even more were left without customers. As well as the average turnover of the Agency from which the costs of maintenance of offices and salaries now exceed profits. “There are still individuals, relatively speaking, at home, in the kitchen – they also now have no income, but they do not have to spend money on an office and hired employees, – said Kulikov. – The crisis in the market, they often switch to another activity. It is not excluded that after some time, some private realtors and small firms (perhaps under a different name) will return the transactions for the purchase and sale of housing.”