3000 square meters of surrounding area wants to move in right on the water with a boat house, a swimming pool and a panoramic view of the Alps: Helene Fischer (34) soon in your new dream house on the Ammersee.

Currently, the blow Queen in the municipality of Direction (D), a new super Villa build – a trouble-free undertaking with the authorities-Puff, groundwater problems, and skeptical neighbors.

The purchase dragged on for three years in length

What is not likely to please her with safety: Now, the responsible broker for the object from the school and chatting. The on luxury objects in the area of Munich (D) specialized real estate expert Oliver autumn speaks in an Interview with the “mirror” at some length about how the purchase of the “beautiful Villa on the Ammersee, with pier and boat house” – in the beginning fisherman, Ex-friend of Florian silver iron (36) was involved – is exactly expired.

The Whole not less than three years, says the autumn, the first had to do with silver iron. “With Florian, I’ve looked at endless villas,” he says. Only at the decisive day, Helene was also. And this appointment was obviously quite.

Suddenly Helene screamed

I went everything smooth: “In the house they bought then, ran the tour well, it went very quickly, the celebs were never in time”, from the chats of the agents. Then the moment of Shock: “The two stand on the terrace, and suddenly, you race like crazy around the corner and hide behind a pillar,” remembers autumn. Helene wrote: “There’s Paparazzi!” He can take the singer with the shock, however, quickly. “Two of my employees have made with the Tele-recording of the facade. I resolved then, but it was very fun,” said autumn.

the two pop stars came How expensive is the object to stand out, don’t want to fall tell. “I made a promise to Helene, and Florian at the notary appointment. Because I think of myself, of course.” The Villa, for the fishermen, and of silver, of iron, would have decided, is like, no longer could he say. “You have demolished.” Helene builds on the Ammersee, now in self – directing and a From moving into their dream house after the love with Florian silver iron now with Lover Thomas lateral (34). (wyt)