Eintracht boss Peter Fischer is outraged by the behavior of Frankfurt’s mayor at the cup celebration – and draws personal consequences from it.

Golden book refused: Angered by the behavior of Frankfurt’s Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann at the European Cup celebrations, Eintracht President Peter Fischer refused the entry in the city’s Golden Book. The 66-year-old admits that in an interview with “Bild”: “I didn’t sign the Golden Book on site, that was my small, quiet protest.”

Unworthy of the occasion: “I didn’t find it suitable for me because I wasn’t satisfied with how the occasion was handled,” Fischer continued. The Eintracht boss is upset about the way players and coaches are treated. At the beginning of the celebration, the mayor snatched the trophy from Eintracht captain Sebastian Rode, and later he refused the assistant coaches access to the balcony of the town hall.

European Cup victory soon public holiday? In addition, Fischer commented on the demands of some Frankfurters to declare May 18th a public holiday in Frankfurt: “If you let the city vote, the result would be overwhelming for it. In any case, it would be worthy of success.”

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