Real solidarity: the Italians to thank the Russian Federation for assistance in dealing with COVID-19

Every fifth inhabitant of the Earth is already in quarantine – these figures cited by the British newspaper the Guardian. Around the world impose stringent measures in the hope to contain the coronavirus COVID-19. According to the channel Al Arabiya, 24 March-the curfew will operate in Egypt. In a mode of rigid insulation goes India. The world health organization (who) reported that the observed very high acceleration in the spread of COVID-19 in the United States. Spain is in the sad scenario of Italy.

the Hashtag #GrazieRussia, which translated from Italian means “thank you, Russia” is becoming more popular in social networks. They are accompanied by thousands of publications people from all over Italy. In a difficult moment, when the ill in the country for more than 63 thousand, help came not from official partners in the European Union, and from friends from Moscow. In gratitude the Italians off the streets and EU flags hung on their Russian site.

“Russia is a country that helps us the most (doctors and medical devices and equipment). This is what a real “Russian solidarity”, which is particularly noticeable on the background about European solidarity,” – wrote in Twitter the Italians.

“fellow Citizens, never forget who lent a helping hand in a difficult moment… go Italy! Thank you, Russia”, – said in another tweet.

“Russia, never thought I’d be thanking you. Thank You, Russia. Thank you, Mr Putin,” writes another user of the social network.

Just Russia sent to Italy 14 military transport aircraft Il-76. They were taken to the epicenter of the pandemic remedies, medical equipment and mobile complexes on the basis of “KAMAZ” for disinfection of transport and streets. To help fight the infection, the Italians will be more than 100 Russian virologists.

“Italy is not alone! Help us. Because of this, we can continue the war against coronavirus. Without support it would be impossible”, – said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Italy Luigi Di Maio

in Addition to our country’s aid in Italy has had and China, but the United States with support not in a hurry. According to the authoritative German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the disunity of the allies in the EU and US could lead to irreversible consequences.

“China and Russia react to a difficult situation in Europe faster than the EU. Moreover, they help Italy and this will have its consequences, – writes the German newspaper. – The attitude of Italians to both support their countries will change for the better. To the old partners in the EU, too, may change, but in a negative way”.

the Difficult situation in other European countries. France imposed emergency sanitary situation. Now the French are unable to postpone the municipal elections and universal to extend the quarantine for another two months.

In Spain the ice Palace in Madrid decided to convert to the morgue. Funeral homes in the Spanish capital can not cope with such a large number of deaths. Moreover, the employees even have protective suits. Against this background, Spain has flared up another controversy with private companies which help the elderly during the epidemic. Company to care for the elderly can not cope with their responsibilities, and when mobilized the army, the military discovered in some old people’s homes of the dying, as well as the hidden body of the recently deceased.

“the question is: how can we entrust the care of the older generation to private companies? It is cruelty beyond words”, – wonder Spanish journalists.

In Iran, the authorities declared that the improvement of the epidemiological situation. According to the President of Islamic Republic Hassan Rouhani, the country began to decrease the number of deaths from COVID-19.

“the Number of patients coming to hospitals in different provinces has also declined. The measures taken were effective. Had developed special rules for employees of the stateernment organizations, Rouhani said. – More than 2 million people has reduced its activity since the beginning of this month. This also applies to the commuting and visiting universities and other educational centers.”

in Total there are almost 400 thousand cases of coronavirus. Against this background, foreign media have mentioned the report of the Rockefeller Foundation and Global business network, published in 2010. Then experts with remarkable accuracy predicted the events, the only mistake in the date and the age of the main number of people who died from the virus.

Analysts expressed the opinion that the disease will have an impact not only on the economy but on the world order, and the Western countries to cope with the virus, will have to work harder and harder to restrict civil liberties.