Two-thirds of retirees with private property is invested during working life, your money predominantly in their own property. The determined a study of the German annuities AG. We surveyed well over 1,000 retirees.

The ownership of real estate often represents the whole of the assets, as for other plants, most of the respondents had no money. Another result of the Study: Every Fourth it was not possible until retirement to pay off the real estate financing.

“Many pensioners are stuck in an economic Dilemma: on the one Hand, they have saved time of your life and diligently for retirement provisions,” says Friedrich Thiele, Chairman of the Executive Board of the German annuities AG. On the other hand, “can not put the pensioners of their assets, because you don’t want to give up their cherished home and familiar surroundings”. To enjoy the bitter consequence: Instead of a carefree evening of Life, must also restrict property owners financially in old age. That would be for each of the second respondents differently, could the in of property assets use.

Financial situation is worsening in retirement

the results of The study show how much of the retirement be charged: For 56 percent of the respondents has worsened the financial Situation in retirement.

Also looking to the future promises no improvement of Around 30 percent expect further financial deterioration in the next five to ten years. That should alert banks and politics: A repayment of the residual debt on the property is because they create hardly. Everything you know about your pension

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real estate retirement game rooms

expands to show “Our experience: anyone Who enters the home until the pension has not been paid off, inherited the debt to the offspring,” says financial professional Thiele. The financial resources for the accustomed standard of living, as well as for costs such as health care, release, has proven its worth, according to the experts, the concept of real estate pension. So much money you get at the age click Here for pensions calculator

works like the real-estate-pension

The “property pension” enabling seniors to remain in their own home and to use the assets: In the case of a real estate Annuity is sold, the house or the apartment, however, the former owners will remain life-long rent-free live in. Specialists call this construction “right of Usufruct”.

in Addition to the rent-free Living, the elderly receive a monthly pension payment. You can instead provide a one-time payment or a combination of both.

The right of Usufruct and life annuity to be notarized anchored and entered in the land register. The retirees to be covered until end-of-life and can remain in your property live.

you Need to move later in a nursing home, you will benefit from the revenue of a rental. The Focus-real estate, Atlas 2019

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