Barbara (34) and Claude Borel (34) do not want to emigrate for your dream home to Thailand. You are dreaming of a Stay in the Agglomeration of Bern. The young family owns an apartment in Wabern. Recently renovated, it is bright and has a garden. However, the approximately 80 square meters will be little the two daughter Cloé (2) slowly. Because growth is planned. For quite some time Borels therefore looking for a house – without success.

“The market is extremely competitive,” says Barbara Borel. There were a few offers and prices are correspondingly high. “Even homes in poor condition are expensive,” she says in an interview with LOOK. Even for a “ruin” be required of 1.5 million Swiss francs. Long queues at the tour dates – mostly families with small children – have discouraged the Borels. And at the same time on a new idea: Now you’re looking for a new home via trade.

Hope for seniors

the object of your desire has three bedrooms and a garden. In addition, you want to stay in the Region. “The grandparents are in the vicinity, and we have organized ourselves to Beware of Cloé.” The market price for your home is about 700’000 Swiss francs. However, for a new place to Stay Borels would lower the price, or even pay. Profit is not your goal.

For the past 18 days they have switched to a classifieds portal and an advertisement. Still nothing came back. But to Give up it’s too early. “We have to offer our apartment to,” says Barbara Borel. The family is aimed at an older audience. Seniors, therefore, which the house has become too big and they come with a ground-floor apartment.

It all has to fit in

Borels are the Only ones in the hope of an exchange’s success. Also for the family of five, K.* from Thun, it is the last hope. For several years, you search is on the house. For a new home, it offers 1.2 million Swiss francs. Like most of the other exchange advertisers you want to enlarge. Another reason for replacement is the location. In the Canton of Bern as a applicant from the city into the Green wants.

experts see such a barter? You could try it, of course, says Roger Kuhn, sales Manager of the home owners Association in Zurich. “Yet, I have supervised in my career of around 1800 sales, was a barter.”

Maybe once or twice per year, such request to dive. The Problem: Even more than in the case of a purchase, the search cabinets. It would be a big coincidence if the object of the Expansion, the location, the moving date and the price to fit each other.

Good idea

“The real estate market in Switzerland is a seller’s market in many places. Who is selling, is in the stronger Position,” says Kuhn. The make a trade even less likely, because it’s not going to be market prices. Also, the idea that older people zoom out via exchange of your home, and at the same time a young family to help, the expert on romantic, but unlikely. “For many, it is at the beginning of the sales process is important that a family takes care of your house. If it is, but specifically, take the best offer.” Finally, the offspring need to be considered.

more Optimistic about the real estate platform Immoscout24. “We have analyzed some time ago, the possible introduction of the real estate exchange at us closer,” says a spokeswoman. The idea was a good one. In the case of scarce housing in the cities, barter transactions may provide relief. But the need would grow to such a something.

* the Name has been changed

Legally, it is in a real estate exchange to each of the two sales and purchases. Therefore, no taxes or fees to the exchange save. “Barter contracts that have a plot, the subject, must be publicly notarized,” says the Canton of Zurich, on the website of the notaries, land registry and bankruptcy offices. The only small advantage of the Immo-exchange: Instead of four only two parties are involved. You could decide on business together at the same notary. After all, a small time saver!

Who will exchange his house against a freehold property or a buy, beware: the floor of the property, the buyer acquires not the whole plot, but only a share of it. This means that, in Common with the other owners to share proportionately the costs for operation and maintenance. Ranging from Heating costs to facade renovation. The buyer is also part of the community of owners. He must keep to the rules, and the decisions which will be decided at the owners ‘ meeting. Julia Fritsche