Real Madrid after a three year break returned the title of champion of Spain. He became inaccessible to Barcelona for the tour until the end of the current championship, winning — 2:1 — “Villarreal”.In the penultimate round of the championship they played yesterday at the same time, the two main Spanish football giant. And both were difficult. Real Madrid — at home with almost secured the place in the club “Villarreal”, “Barcelona” — away with the middle class “by Osasuna”. They handled their opponent, though the ending of the match was terribly nervous. The Catalans are unable to overcome their own, having conceded — 1:2. However, even if defeated real Madrid ahead before you tour Barcelona on four points, have still found themselves out of reach for its nearest rival and took the title. The title went to real Madrid after three years, that is the not so short by his standards, a break, after two in a row — not even failure, but these failures in the championship. In those Championships that followed the “gold” in 2017, between him and Barcelona, the opponent is too principled, it was a whole abyss points (a year ago — nearly two dozen) and Madrid “Atletico”. And bronze for “real” — akin to shame. In General, it was not so.Imagine what theses will dominate in explanations of how “real” this, torn in two by a coronavirus, season again to climb to the top, easy. Rare case, but among them this time will not be the version about the tremendous strengthening of the composition, so familiar with regard to the fabulously rich club. The only systemically important, whether the player purchased last summer, real Madrid Eden hazard — basically treated the injury, playing in the championship half a dozen matches, mostly quite modest. Dragging all the same as before trying to drag, Luka Modric, Karim Benzema, Thibaut Courtois, Dani Carvajal and Casemiro. Only now do them much better. And this difference made, of course, constantly remember that there was a sad spring 2019, before the finish of the season that preceded the current, before the finish has, in fact, screw up the season.At the peak of the real gone, losing two people — Cristiano Ronaldo, who left to play for Juventus and Zinedine Zidane, who left for coaching break after three consecutive victories in the Champions League. Ronaldo still in Italy, but Zidane to real Madrid’s back. And with it returned the old gloss and stability. Real Madrid in this championship without apparent disruption. And waited for to not is certainly steep, but the peak fell his enemy, because the description of the current success of the “real”, anyway, requires a description of what happens against Barcelona, which is a little sour, it was changed in January of the coach, and with new — Quique CE��genom — unable to save during interruption due to the pandemic, the perfect tone and after the restart I was shown the dreary football. While the “real” stamped winnings winning lead before the break, the Catalans suffered and diluted their draws — Sevilla, “Celta”, “Atletico”, in the end, doigralis and to defeat. To race with the power of “real” such losses have been unacceptable.Alex Armor