State Promsvyazbank (PSB) that serves the military-industrial complex is ready to expand into the banking market. He is currently considering the purchase of Roskombank, a subsidiary Bank of the Corporation of the same name. This purchase will give the opportunity for PSB to expand the scope of the contracts of the orders, however, require additional cash infusions to the Bank, which is currently in rehabilitation.Promsvyazbank, which is a supporting Bank of the military-industrial complex of Russia, plans to acquire Roskombank, owned by state Corporation “Roscosmos”. This “b” told two sources close to the Bank another source “b” knows about the plans of the Corporation to sell the Bank. In PSB also confirmed their interest, saying that considering “the opportunity to participate in the reorganization of Roskombank”. “PSB is interested in increasing market share of services of the DIC, in this case due to the development of bilateral relations with SC “Rosatom”,”— said in the Bank. In Roskombank and Roscosmos did not respond to a request “b”.According to “Interfax”, on April 1, 2020 Roskombank (ex. Fondservisbank) took 57th place in terms of assets (RUB 110.9 billion roubles). The capital of the Bank amounted to 37.2 billion RUB From may 2018 the financial health of the Bank engaged GK “Rosatom”. Previously on sanation Bank the Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) has allocated 39 billion rubles. PSB with assets of 2 trillion rubles ranks eighth among Russian banks, its capital was 186,5 billion roubles Net profit for the first half of 2020 roskombank of 31.9 million rubles, profit PSB — 6.1 billion rubles. due diligence new buying PSB is willing to spend up to 50 million rubles This follows from the tender documents, placed at the end of last week. The winner must conduct a “financial analysis and determination of a fair range of value of legal entities in which PSB plans to undertake investments or to sell” legal check, including “the assessment of the legal, tax, financial, investment risks,” to investigate the activities of the object of purchase and to conduct a comprehensive review of its financial condition. To participate in the work may be allowed two performances. As follows from documentation, experience of consultancy services for conducting financial due diligence of Russian banks, performed in 2016-2020, and membership in international associations.According to managing partner of FG “Dmitry Donskoy” Dmitry Kurbatsky, this kind of deep due diligence order when there is already a preliminary agreement on the transaction and the pre-determined purchase price. According to him, the object, taking into account the allocated budget could be a Bank of top-30, but the order may be broader and affect n�� a single object. Previously, “Kommersant” wrote about the PSB plans to acquire the NPF (see February 25).The Bank is a task to increase the coverage of contracts of the state defense order to 70%, and such transactions can achieve such goals, says Kommersant’s source familiar with the situation. When sanctions risks are growing, to close these functions on a single logical state Bank, said the interlocutor of Kommersant. However, the Bank’s capital “Roscosmos” does not allow issuing loans to large enterprises, whereas PSB regularly dokapitalizatsiya, he points out.The Deputy Director of the group “Financial institutions” S&P Catherine Marushkevich notes that the potential of PSB to enterprises of rocket-space industry as clients look attractive. “For the “Roscosmos” selling captive Bank makes sense from the point of view of reduction of expenses on the maintenance of non-core assets,” says she. Thus, according to Mrs. Marushkevich, the funds for such transactions at PSB there. However, to talk about the cost of Roskombank respondents ‘ b ‘ analysts do not hurry.The Central Bank and ASV did not have time to comment on the possible permutations among the sanatory the Bank. The details of the proposed transaction in the PSB did not answer.Olga Serenkova, Maya Marlinskaya