Belarus has created a fighting machine with the new jet system of volley fire (MLRS) “the Flute”. It was presented at the Collegium of the State military-industrial Committee of Republic on Saturday, February 1, in Minsk, reported the Belarusian news Agency BelTA.

Fighting vehicle designed on the basis of an armored car “Aslak” SHTS (“Husky”), mobile item management — on the basis of an armored car “Aslak” ARS-6. Weapons for fire support of ground units and special operations forces. It was created on the basis of the Belarusian developments and technologies. The MLRS is equipped with an automated control system and on-Board navigation system which improves accuracy.

As Alex said Tregub, the representative who created this fire complex “LSVT-new technologies”, “flute” has a 80 guide for firing unguided rockets s-8. It is possible to use different types of ammunition from high-explosive to incendiary.

“This allows to apply the system in a variety of settings and hitting different types of targets”, — quotes the words Treguba TASS.

Belarusian “Flute”, unlike the foreign complexes, can be deployed in 60 seconds, to prepare the unit to shooting for another 30 seconds. While the maximum range of MLRS — up to 5 kilometers, but the creators are working to ensure that this indicator has been increased.

“Flutes” are already used in Belarusian power structures. In Goskomvoenproma of Belarus are sure that the new complex will be interesting for foreign customers.