“be careful, @green ZUERICH, celebrity blood can kill list votes!”, tweeted knee-comedian Viktor Giacobbo in accordance with the VIEWS of the report.

The androgynous Model and the Neo-national Council, Green party candidate shocked with the spread of a Gaga-myth: “nature heals all. The blood of vegans, for example, can kill cancer cells.”

Glauser referred to a U.S. study – but the Swiss cancer research warns: “The results are related to the growth of cancer cells in cell cultures and are not one-to-one to cancer in humans,” says expert Ori Schipper to VIEW. “Cancer is, unfortunately, an often unpredictable disease, which arises due to random mutations and therefore, also, to meet people, have always placed value on your health.”

Giacobbo is not the only one who is upset about Glauser.

comedian Gabriel Vetter proposes as a prophylaxis: “We are learning so: Daily a Vegan empty booze!”

“Could it be that the policy in 2019 will again facts free?”, Twitter Users and CVP national councillor Nicolo Paganini asks.

“Had my cancer deceased, the father knew that!

Sarcastic FDP-man Nicolas Rimoldi adds: “Had my cancer deceased, the father knew that! What qualifications met Tamy Glauser, to apply to Parliament responsibility for our country? #Wahlen19”

But still hope, says Twitterer Jean-Marc Hensch was: “According to @TamyGlauser your Vegan cancer of the blood cells kills. However, she admits that her healing powers would not be sufficient in the case of a simple car accident. After all, something.”

in a nutshell Userin Birgit trowel, the verdict of Killing the cancer cells: “also Works with brain cells.” (gust)