you celebrated yesterday evening a TV Comeback as a presenter! On RTL Beatrice Eglis (30) ran the first episode of “hit of love”, in the singer industry colleagues such as Tim Toupet (47), Mary (38), and Oliver Frank (55) wanted to hook up looking for. However, as the Schwyzer was happy in nature with their own Show?

The Germans after the first shipment still rather skeptical. On Twitter, some viewers Express criticism, rum complain about the unknown candidates, as well as the music. “” wrote of a “dull Start”: Beatrice Egli had come neither as a moderator nor as a Off-spokesperson of the entertainment value of the other formats approach.

How Vera Int-Veen, but “with more level,”

strong words, especially about the candidates found “”. They were ashamed of “the foreign”, in the show, it went to “Sweat and Boobs”. “Schlager is looking for love” more interactive is also a bit of “daughter-in-law wanted,” says the Portal. Also, some of the viewers see it this way: “Beatrice Egli copies Vera Int-Veen”, tweeted one.

another User says the same thing, adds, but, Egli have more level. And also from other Fans, there is praise: It is a “successful Comeback” by Beatrice Egli as the TV was the presenter, writes a. “Look at it now,” says another.

“Too little for the claims of RTL”

A large audience by Beatrice Egli is not found with your kick-off program, however. The latest dome show-try to care now about the love life of pop singers in and singers, was joined by the audience, there is little love, “writes”. The bare Figures: zappten Just 1.55 million viewers, the equivalent to a market share of 6.7 percent. The for the claims of RTL “significantly too little”, reported the Portal. (wyt)

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