The automatic switch-off procedure was carried out according to the Swiss Federal nuclear safety Inspectorate (Ensi) in the night on Sunday at 2.16 PM, according to the rules. The switched-off reactor is in a stable condition. All protection objectives had been met.

The Ensi was informed in accordance with regulations and assigned the event on the international event scale INES provisionally to level 0. This stage refers to events with little or no safety significance.

No increase in radioactivity

The measurement network of the ENSI for the automatic monitoring of the Dose rate in the vicinity of nuclear power plants (Maduk) showed no increase in radioactivity.

The power plant was on 26. April went to a 36-hour break back to the grid. Previously, a defective pressure measurement had led to the pressure regulator to an automatic scram. The responsible person was informed at the time, the faulty pressure measurement was able to be repaired.

The nuclear power plant landed in the headlines. In 2014, Drilling was discovered in the primary containment vessel by a foreign staff. In 2017, it was known that radioactivity was achieved by a leak at a tube in the water cycle. (SDA/szm)