television instead of video analysis, a Couch instead of a cabin. Because of the Corona-crisis, the Ball rests in. And the cops have more time than you would like. In the IMAGE of the player and employee of your Corona daily reports each day this week! Today: Lukas Klostermann (23).

To the square of the national players is very versatile. And off he has many talents. Currently you will find the monastery of the man often in the kitchen. Is cooked much with the Thermomix. Monastery man: “My friend Laura and I use the time at home much to cook extensively, to chopping and also a couple of new recipes to try out. We, of course, in a balanced, delicious ingredients.“

Yesterday, on the table in the monastery’s: A vitamin-rich salad mix, and for dessert, a homemade berry cream.

monastery, husband and friend Laura at the RB-Christmas party in December photo: Susann Friedrich

cooking together is a long-time Hobby of the two. But most of the time lacked. Laura lived in North Rhine-Westphalia, worked there as a police Commissioner in the state police. To only came on the weekends to Leipzig. If monastery of the man with the football was on-the-go. In order to be always here, she has quit her Job and moved to Leipzig.