to a standstill in the League, probably up to at least 30. April rests the Ball. Leipzig’s sporting Director Markus Krösche (39) now spoke about the Bundesliga break, and everyday life in the Corona-crisis. Krösche about:

► his daily work: “I work in my office on Cottaweg. My Job is, of course, normal. I am dealing with daily issues in the field of sports and topics in the future.“

► the Bundesliga Pause: “We have given freely to the boys for now, until the middle of next week. A normal training operation at the long break first, no sense, a little free time earlier so that the players get some rest. The guys have plans to keep yourself fit. And you have Spinning get wheels delivered. Next week we’ll see how it goes. The boys are still not encouraged to leave Leipzig. The Situation is not easy, we know.“

► a uniform regulation in the training operation in the League: “Whether trained may be, is a conveyor alistische decision, we can take no influence. Of course it would make sense that the teams can train at a certain time. And certainly, a uniform solution is for all parties Involved the Best.“ to play

► To the idea of Frankfurt-the Executive Board Fredi Bobic, Not every day: “The ultimate goal for everyone in the League is to play the end of the season. Because you have to see how you can make. In time, the player will have to load a height that is clear. Whether it needs to be every day a game, you see. The depends now also on when exactly we start. But since all the clubs to compromise.“