Razvorotneva: For heat Russians overpay up to 20 percent

this fully myself already felt the residents of the Penza region. “Eggs on the battery to fry you” – so penzentsy describe the microclimate in their apartments in the early spring. Outside the window, even at night temperature is above zero, and in the afternoon the thermometer rises to +15 degrees in may. But the battery fire, as if cold.

On the calendar – March and the heating season has not been canceled. This can make the mayor its resolution, if the average daily temperature for several days is at least eight degrees Celsius. Usually this decision is made in the 20’s days of April. In March, neither the mayor will not dare to take on such responsibility, even if the weather has temperature records. And suddenly the cold weather will return, to re-run centralized system is very problematic.

Photo: GettyImages in the Summer, residents will no longer pay for replacement of electricity meters

“Why is it so hot drown battery? And in winter the cold was not, and now all plus ten. Terrible heat the house, pay the money for heat for the streets. We are not rich enough!”, – read the head of the region Ivan Belozertsev at the working meeting of the appeal that came to him through social networks.

Managers and resource providers pass the blame on each other. As explained in the Penza branch of “Energosbyt Plus”, the coolant supply is conducted in accordance with the approved temperature schedule.

to Create a more comfortable “weather in the house” and to reduce the consumption of heat may management companies. The main thing – to equip thermal unit apartment building equipment with automatic control of heat supply. The installation of such equipment reduces energy consumption by up to 30 – 40 percent. But this device has not all house.

Photo: Alexander Kryazhev/ RIA Novosti Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services wants to take control of the repair

“a Management company or HOA can be held liable for failure to comply with the lower threshold, the normal temperature in the living room. He is 18 degrees neuglow for living rooms, – explained head of the Department “center of hygiene and epidemiology in the Penza region” Leonid Chigirev. – But the penalties for the violation of the upper limit of normal have not yet been. Yes, and such a definition as the maximum allowable maximum temperature in residential buildings is difficult to determine. Mostly in documents, it is Advisory in nature and is limited to 24-25 degrees”.

Suffering from the heat people are concerned about heating costs. So, in February, which turned out to be one of the warmest in the last ten years, it was higher than in December. For sale only for the warmth you have to pay about five thousand.

“To the owner to prove that the utility service was provided is of poor quality, there are two ways – like Razvorotneva. – First, be regular acts of: measuring the temperature in the apartment, confirming that she does not meet sanitary standards and to require recalculation. Second, it is easier to put in the house regulatory instrument that will set the indoor temperature depending on the climate outside and inside. Today, if such equipment is installed under a major overhaul, you for houses, accumulate funds in individual accounts, possible compensation from the state Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services”.

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