Rating collapse: the Agency corrected for 2008

Rating collapse. Agencies lower the rating of reliability of borrowers at a record pace in history. Just before Standard & Poor’s downgraded the auto giant Ford to junk.
And for the current quarter have already spent 565 depressions. Leaders in the energy sector, which is not surprising in the context of the collapse of oil prices, followed by the automotive and aerospace industries.
Moody’s runs a bit slower — 342 decrease — but it is still high in 2016, and Fitch — 192 — also a record, but 2012.
let me Remind you that the rating agencies were criticized after the 2008 crisis. They were accused of slowness and inattention. In response, they promised to reform and hack ratings, that is, spur of the moment if this will be the reason.
they Seem to his word decided to keep