the Singer Rasmus Seebach is one of the most talked about Danish musicians – both in virtue of his origin and his career, which has given the danes such hits as “Little five”, “Olivia” and “2017”.

Saturday fills he 40 years old, and to mark the occasion, he tells of the landmark episodes that have shaped him and made him who he is today – a family man, a popdreng, who love to entertain and a restless soul who has found happiness with his girlfriend, Julie Teglhuus and son William.

Episode 1: En Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, rescued the family

My father had sent the song “Under the stars in the sky” in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix three times, but it had been rejected each time.

– There were so many frustrations associated with the song, for he had done so tirelessly, and it was the best song he felt he had ever made. It meant everything to him, and he could not understand, that he did not get the chance.

– As it so managed to get the song, I can remember how happy he was. In the period he had it very hard with his alcohol abuse, so it was really a chance.

– I remember how we stood together, because it felt like something that could save our family. It was us five, together had to overcome my father’s abuse, for he had it not good at the time, and it was a battle that should be won, that he could possibly go on the stage.

– When he went on stage and won, it was completely insane and magical. I had seen him fight with that song in three years, where he had been elected from. To continue to send the same tape into is belief and willpower. I was so proud of him and of us as a family.

– At the time I was 12-13 years old, and I remember it as a very special time in my childhood that put a thick line under, that my family is what means the most to me.

Episode 2: A slap in the face of Ove wins bronze

I was about 14 years old and was running around out on the football field, when there was the one that poked me on the shoulder and asked if I would come to a casting on a feature film.

– When we came out for the casting, I discovered that there were 500 other boys, who had been asked about the same, so I was just about to go again. But I ended up getting the role.

– In the movie (Carmen & Babyface, red.) I should play along with, among others, Sofie Gråbøl, Waage Sandø and Ulla Henningsen. And so Ove wins bronze, which would give me a flat in the film.

– It is a few people that can say that they have been given a flat by Egon Olsen – and not just one, for exactly the scene should be about a great many times, so I got so many that I eventually was completely red in the one side of the face.

– To be with in the movie was pretty awesome, for I got free from school for three months. And the girls thought it was very interesting. Then there were also the ladies in it. I think it was the experience that gave me a taste of that it was actually quite fun to entertain.

Episode 3: an 18-year-gift, who got it right, Rasmus back

– About 1998, I was reasonably badass rapper, and drove the heavy, gloomy style, but in the 18 years birthday present I got my dad’s old keyboard.

I was very interested in hip-hop music, and it was my older brother too, but then I got it here instrument that could make sound like an electric piano, and you could make tunes on.

– On the evening I went to my room, and then I could take my hiphoptøj and put me by it here keyboard and play flødepop. Then came the real Rasmus forward.

– I still have the keyboard standing in my studio, and it still feels extremely nice to sit by it. It is a small reminder of where it all started. My dad has composed his own sounds in the keyboard, and it feels quite nice to sit and play with a sound, as I know he has made.

Episode 4: When everything went into pieces

– My father dies when I am 23 years old, and it is probably something that has affected me most in my life.

As it happens, I experience a realization that there is nothing that lasts forever. It was to shape me for the next many years of my life, for I was simply so hard to bind me, and I maybe even still.

– When you are reminded that everything still goes in pieces, as one may well feel that it might not pay to give themselves completely to something. For the end up enough to be upset and disappointed.

– The following years foggy I around and went into the city many times a week. I had many female acquaintances, but I did not feel that I belonged to some places.

– Many of the bekendtskaberne I stopped myself, and I was perhaps a little shabby. But I thought not that anything could last forever anyway, so I might as well just move on. I could not have a girlfriend while I was in the sorrow.

– I think that it is inevitable that the grief leaves traces in how to behave. I needed just to topple around a bit, and I really had a hard time figuring out what I really should do with my life.

Episode 5: A random chord was the start of everything

– I make a living out of writing songs for other artists, but when I in 2009 wrote “Angel”, I could feel when I sang it, it was my sound. I could see myself stand and sing it, and although I got a really skilled professional singer to give a bid on it, so I could just feel that the song was my.

– It was very random how the song originated. In essence, it was the sound of the instrument, which I thought was bold. I was almost hurt in the stomach of the other, and then the rest of the song automatically. It took about eight minutes to find the skeleton.

– If I am not completely at random had opened the audio in the plugin the day, so I had never written the song. The one major chord was the start of everything.

Episode 6: A positive pregnancy test in Paris

– When I met Julie, I knew that I had met the girl, I would like to be with and start a family with. Before her, I felt at home in an uprooting, but suddenly I could feel that I would not be happy in the long run.

– Along with Julie I should not be smart and bold. I could just be myself. It felt just safe as if I had found home.

We were in Paris in the spring of 2016, when we found out that Julie was pregnant. Her mother was, she had given us the trip for christmas. Julie thought she had it a little strange, so we went to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test.

– Everything was in French, and it looked like not such a common test, urinating on, it was such a decent device. Juliet’s mother thought it was such a to test ovulation. When Julie came out from the bathroom with it in his hand, was “enceinte”, so we rushed ourselves to google. It meant pregnant.

– It was the coolest spring day in Paris, and we could almost not understand it. It was absolutely mind-boggling that she had a baby in the stomach.

I was enormously proud to be able to say that my lady was pregnant. I’ve never felt so much as the world’s largest superkanon. And on that day, William came into the world, was the wildest in my life. It is so nice to have been given its own family.

– Now when I reaches 40, I had planned a big fødselsdagsmiddag for the whole family, but it is, of course, been cancelled due to corona-the situation. So it will be just William, Julie and me and some delicious food. It’s gonna be nice, and so I need to have the big party for good.