Sarah Jessica Parker’s daughter Tabitha

See the 55-year-old Sarah Jessica Parker out in public with their children (and they with her husband Matthew Broderick and their three) not so often. But yesterday the paparazzi managed to shoot the actress along with her 11-year-old daughter Tabitha.

Star together with the girl went to one of their Shoe stores in new York.

it Seems that Sarah’s daughter is already interested in fashion — Tabitha with interest considered high heel shoes and watched his star mother, who was staring at a new collection of shoes and even helped one of the buyers to make a choice.

However, in this lesson, the girl soon got tired after a while, she and her mother settled on the couch, his head on her shoulder.

Sarah Jessica Parker rarely shows children in social networks (they have a Broderick also have an 18-year-old son Jamie and 11-year-old daughter Marion, twin of Tabitha). The star admitted that, despite the fact that she and her husband — the person public, their son and daughters they raise as normal children.

the Actress told that she grew up in a family with a small income. Sarah swore, once glorified, will give your family only what she really needs.

I tell the children that they will do everything possible that you always had what you need, but I want you to aspire to something. I want you worked for something, dreamed about it and wanted it to happen,

— she confessed.