West gave to understand that this landmark interview, he “throws the hat in the round”. The musician also explained that it did not support more of President Donald trump. Although previously been doing it for a reason “to protest the segregation of the votes in the black community.”

Kanye West is resolute and does not hide that his political aspirations are supported by the billionaire Elon Musk. “Like everything I have ever done in my life, I do to win,” he said.

meanwhile, the Federal election Commission there are no official documents about the participation of the West in the presidential race. In addition, in many States the timing of the collection of signatures in support of candidates have already passed. This greatly reduces the chances of Kanye to win the election.

the Rapper West announced participation in the presidential elections on 4 July. This statement caused a resonance among Democrats. According to some estimates, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden do not count the votes of the black population that will go popular and charismatic singer.

for its part the West has denied that his goal was to share the voices of the electorate, and damage the chances of the opponent trump. “The assumption that all black people support Joe Biden, is a form of racism and white supremacy,” replied the rapper on charges of political opponents.