American Rapper and actor Ice-T (61) shot and killed, according to almost a Amazon vendor because he had not recognized him as a Messenger. On Twitter, the 61-Year-old wrote in a “message to Amazon” that private people should wear a Uniform, when they sent for the group packages.

“The Shit is not safe”

“I’m just saying,” wrote Ice-T. “I almost shot a fucking guy who is rumgeschlichen on my property.” In a response to Fan demand, he added: “The Shit is not safe.”

Amazon works in the framework of the programme “Amazon Flex” with people who want to occasionally deliver packages. The supplier can divide your orders depending on availability.

Amazon would like to thank Ice-T

Dave Clark, Manager at Amazon, replied to the Tweet from Ice-T: “Thank you for the suggestion. We are available to you and our drivers.” It will work on innovations, a lot of give to it. “Thank you, that you are a customer with us.” (SDA)