I have become because of love? I just learned a lot. Especially that I don’t have to prove myself to the outside world. To impress 14-year-old Kids these days is really hard. There are a couple of expensive of clothes and a plastic gun enough in a music video and everyone thinks you’re a Gangster.

I believe that the mistakes I’ve made, and the change is a good example of this. But many see only the art of the figure, perhaps I would disappoint so many, maybe I’m quite different. There are better role models than me.

My role model was my father. It was always so and is still so. Even if it’s health is worse, he had seizures a few. If I need advice, I can ask my dad.

he Laughs. The first time is not intended not so bad. There is such proverb: “When we are born, do we smell of milk. When we die to Shit.” Once the Baby gets what other than mother’s milk, it is disgusting.

No, we have a fixed date of birth, I break up the Tour for this day. I fly home and have my child as the first in the Arm and fly on the same evening, back to the Venue and play my Show.

Yes, there are other reasons, but it was the only way. This was then placed extra so with the Doctors. The Tour was already planned, because I knew that my wife is pregnant again. And so it is now.

It’s come 180’000 people on this Tour. Of course, I don’t move the. Music is in the first place.

Even if the Baby is not checked yet, but I want to teach my sons that they need to work on. Of course, this is an important event, but I don’t want to alienate my Fans who spend their hard-earned money. I don’t want to say: “Sorry Bro, I now have to change there diapers for two weeks.”

But, of course, but I’m actually not so much the home that you think. One and a half months in the year, I’m really gone. And then I’m always on the go with my boys, my second family.

Yes. I’ll keep actually child and family fully. If I tell you now, I’m going to dad, then I’ll do it, because I’m proud of it. I really don’t want people to talk about him. Especially when it comes to Internet trolls and hateful comments. Imagine times before, I post a photo of my child. It will at least give a H*rensohn that something Bad says. This annoys me, this is the only reason why I would forgo the limelight.

My son has understood what I’m doing, even if it is difficult to grasp. But Yes, I do Selfies with Fans. I explain to my son that fills our fridge. If I don’t want to do, then I would have to be a pastry chef.

Difficult. The other parents thought: “Oh, there’s the tattooed Asi comes.” And I sat there with the boring parents. But also note that I’m the one who plays with all the Kids soccer. Then check also that is not an Ar*chloch.

depends what he did. I wouldn’t like it. I hope he makes other errors as I. But everyone makes mistakes, and is determined to pass time. But then I watch, if it is so far.

I’m 100% sure that this would have changed the course. When I finished with the active music, then I can imagine. I’ve made in Switzerland on vacation. The family on the maternal side of my son comes from here. I think it’s cool. But currently I have to run the path at the edge between the road and my normal life to make my music.

On 4. November came double Ks, the second son to the world. Today, 5. November, he plays within the framework of its “the last of The wolves”Tour with a concert in Dortmund (D).