Rapid tests drivers for alcohol check for compliance with the law

MIA in the middle of last year was very active for the introduction of a new scheme of checks on drivers for alcohol and drug intoxication. However, the project has not yet been adopted: the Agency requests the Public chamber to check it again as soon as possible.

Method of Express-testing of drivers removes many of the constraints, which are associated with the current scheme: for example, rapid tests do not require any witnesses or video. Positive result of rapid test will be another addition is now enshrined physiological basis for full-fledged testing of the driver.

the Draft government decree stipulating the new procedures, the interior Ministry has sent to the White house, and a number of experts of the concerned departments, according to “Kommersant”, the questions to the project arose. However, the government instructed the Ministry to carry out additional checks of the project, which will take the Public chamber. It is expected that the process will involve representatives from public sector organizations like the Federation of Russian car owners.

the interior Ministry’s request to expedite the consideration attributed to the fact that the introduction of the Express methods provided by the national project “Safe highway”. In addition, the Agency had hoped to buy a half million tests in the last year and the same this year. For obvious reasons this is not done.

the Public chamber has promised to prepare a conclusion to the first half of April.

Text: Avtovesti