it Runs Raphael Schlatt Inger around, it is also his Team well. This is not always, but very often the case. No wonder: The fist shooting from Dozwil, TG is one of the world’s best attackers. He touches on his Jersey, he has only one goal: to make The point. “This has always been so. Already when I started at the age of 5 years with the Sport, I found it cool to smashen the Ball over the tape,” the 26-Year-old. And because the positions in the fist – ball are not distributed, such as in Volleyball is clear, he attacks almost constantly. “I like this responsibility.” He worked also on the defensive, says Schlatt Inger, “but Cristiano Ronaldo does not want to defend all the time.”

Seriously, it applies to Schlatt Inger and the Nati on Sunday (11. August), on the Winterthur lawn Protect. The opponent at 16.45 means Chile, in the following days, it then goes to the USA and Brazil. The journey of the Swiss, but only on the next Saturday. Best with world championship Gold. Schlatt Inger: “I want the title. And I firmly believe that we can get him.”

to This end, Switzerland will have to turn off an almost overpowering opponents: Germany. Our Northern neighbor is record champion, has won 11 of 14 matches. At the last world Cup in Argentina (2015) had to Switzerland in the Final of a bitter 0:4-defeat. That’s not all. Also in 2017 at the World Games and the European Championships in 2018 and defeated the Krauts in the Final. “For me, it’s enough already. Now we are hopefully in for it,” says Schlatt Inger.

“My German friend will make me succeed support”

So that the there would be in a direct duel it Inger makes an absolute Top-of – the-day-because Schlatt nothing. “Each of us has to show 120 per cent,” said the left-hander. At the same time, the national team benefited twice from his class and experience. Why? Because Schlatt Inger plays for three years in the German Bundesliga. He is our only Legionnaire in the best fist-ball League in the world. And thus, something like the Swiss spy for the world Cup. “I know the Germans, of course, very good. I know, who has what qualities and weaknesses. I’ll contribute for sure, we should meet you.”

Schlatt Inger plays and lives in Calw, a 25 000-inhabitants-town in Baden-Würtenberg. “I wanted to develop myself further and took the next step,” says Schlatt Inger. He’s working to 100 percent as a carpenter, trained with the TSV 3 to 4 Times per week, before the weekend, the games will follow. Not every girlfriend would go for it – its Lisa (25) but. “She is in the club and shares my passion for fist-ball. Of course that is super.”

And who will press Lisa, who is these days with your loved one in Switzerland, at the world Cup, the thumb: your friend? Or maybe your home country Germany? Schlatt Inger has to laugh: “you will support me for sure – so, Switzerland!”

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