In Krasnoyarsk the police drew up administrative protocols on two local residents 17 and 18 years for violation of the regime of isolation imposed to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, after them on the street raped earlier judged man. On this edition of “” reported in a press-service of the municipal Department of internal Affairs.

Materials against violators transferred to the Krasnoyarsk administration, which hears cases under article 9.1 (“non-compliance in the area of prevention and liquidation of natural disasters, epidemics and their consequences”) of the regional law on administrative violations. The sanction of this article provides for citizens the penalty from 100 to 1000 rubles.

In relation to men suspected of sexual violence over the injured party, also the Protocol on violation of the regime. The interior Ministry said that neither the victims nor the suspect were supposed to be at the scene in accordance with the introduced because of the coronavirus restrictions.

the Crime occurred on April 22. According to the interior Ministry, night along to patrol, who was on the tour, was approached by two girls and reported that on the street the unknown man, threatening with application of violence, they stole cell phones and jewellery. Then the attacker has committed against both the violent actions of a sexual nature and disappeared.

hot On the trail of a suspect had been apprehended, caught earlier repeatedly judged inhabitant of Krasnoyarsk born in 1964. Concerning it criminal case is brought.