rape with its bright yellow flowers not only belongs to the landscape of Switzerland, it is also the longest on the fields Plant: whole eleven months, until the harvest can be retracted, it is sown in August and harvested in July of the following year.

such As olive oil rapeseed oil offers a high content of healthy unsaturated fatty acids. It is suitable for cold dishes, as well as to steam and Fry at not too high temperatures.

Three facts of rape: 600 years of rape is grown in Central Europe
Since the 14th century. Century, we cultivated, was of the bright yellow rapeseed in the 70s hardly as edible oil use. It was only when they reduced the erucic acid content in 1974 by breeding solid, was rapeseed oil for human friendly. the 6500 Swiss farmers rely on rape
To around 22 000 hectares of oilseed rape is grown. The farmers deliver in the year, around 80 000 tonnes of canola to the Oil factories. With this amount, the farmers are able to cover about a quarter of the demand. Rapeseed is the most important Swiss 76 million tonnes of weighed 2017 is the oilseed rape crop in the world Oilseed.
Since the 90s, rape, soy worldwide the Oilseed with the second highest share of the world market. But for the biodiversity oilseed rape is not good. The intensive cultivation, especially for Bio-fuel is threatening biodiversity at a similar rate as the climate change, researchers say.

Who wants to eat healthy, not get around to the topic of “fat”. However, not all fats and Oils in the kitchen for any purpose. Here are some tips for a healthy and tasty selection