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on Wednesday evening the ARD feature film “Seven hours” On a single page can be read based on the true story of a Prison psychologist Susanne after dinner. It was in 2009 the victim of a hostage situation, her captors raped her. In the book “Seven hours in April”, wrote after dinner about her Trauma, then, from the book a movie was. In February, after dinner took his own life. The now-retired prison Director Katharina Bennefeld-Kersten recalls in the special magazine TIME crime 2/2018 to after dinner – they had experienced in 1996 Similar.

On my Desk, Edith. Named after Edith Stein, a Jewish philosopher and women’s rights activist, murdered in Auschwitz in 1942 and in 1998 canonized (she was entered the Cologne Carmel, and had assumed the religious name Teresa Benedicta of the cross).

Edith is a stylized guardian angel, carved from Ebony and rose wood. Gift of a man, with whom I worked in the JVA saline marsh – he as a Pastor, I as a Director. After I was in a hostage situation – or better: me, had, should Edith be my Bodyguard. I was touched by the care of the Pastor and fascinated by the charisma of the small wood-plastic. If I am Close to in a crisis, I will, Edith. However, in February 2018 Edith was with me. I had a feeling the crisis of Susanne after dinner found. 13. February 2018 has taken his own life.

This Text comes from the magazine TIME CRIME 2/18. The current issue you can buy on newsstands or here.

We the Living can only endure hard when family members or friends put themselves out of life. The closer the person, the more desperate we search for explanations. Susanne was close to many people. My closeness to her has been rather sporadic. It was based on appreciation of the professional colleague, and a very personal exchange according to their own hostage situation in April 2009, because she had experienced the Same as me.

Susanne psycho was login, and a psychotherapist. After having worked in psychiatry in North Rhine-Westphalia, she applied in the lower Saxony prison. Her new boss, the prison Director of the prison of Celle, had previously been my boss and reported me proud of his new assistant: “Interesting woman, smart and charming, right class. You’ll be good.” The to met. Susanne has a winning appearance, humorous, competent. She loved challenges. After working in various law enforcement facilities built in the Bavarian town of Straubing, the Department for social therapy. And she led.

Susanne was 49 years old, single mother of a son and was on the verge of their wedding, as a sexual offences and murder, a condemned prisoner, they attacked, and during seven hours of ongoing hostage situation repeatedly raped a prisoner, you are about four years of self-therapeutically had accompanied. On the day after that, she wanted to speak with me. Because I, too, had been raped during a hostage situation. To speak In an incomprehensible Situation with a suffering comrade can’t help you to lose the version. What both of us stirred, then surprised, and very, it was the intensity of our encounter.

a Few days later, the long-planned wedding was held. Your Partner had left you in no doubt that it should remain. But at the same time was Susanne the funeral of her “old life”: you had to suffer severely from the consequences of the fact, and could no longer work in law enforcement. After many Considerations, whether you should do as a psychotherapist, self-employed or prefer to do a doctorate, she began to work on a book about her Trauma and its management: Seven hours in April. Susanne noted that she was able to write and to tell something had. She became a writer, later wrote crime novels, and after she had taken a dog from the animal shelter – dog books.